How do you use Quora for Traffic?

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My question is simple:

How do you use Quora for Lead Generation?

Do you simply write the opt in page in the description of yourself in the bio? Do you append it to your name?

Or do you use even questions? How?
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    I answer questions, give helpful info, and then link to relevant content if they want to dig deeper.

    That content encourages them to opt-in to my list (content upgrades for example or straight CTA).

    Also putting a link in the bio helps.
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    I would prefer to do the same, provide valuable content to the user and get them engage with the content in my website. That way genuine email leads are generated.
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    Create a Quora account and establish yourself as an authority (expert) in your niche. Then, start writing genuinely helpful answers to related questions and leave your affiliate link at the bottom. Boom. Easy traffic and sales.
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    Be an expert in your field, people will appreciate your answer and likely click on the link you share/mention in the answers.
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    I would prefer to give the answer to the helpful question and the most relevant question trending also you can link your answer with the best content for more information as you can not provide all the information just in Quora. If the visitors find your answer as relevant and helpful automatically, the traffic will be driven on your website and will also help in lead generation for your business.
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    Quora does help to drive traffic. I don't say that it's a traffic generating platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest but, if your answers solve a user problem then people are more likely to click to your profile, mentioned links or any other answers you have. In most cases, Quora has the potential to drive quality traffic to websites.

    Marketers who consistently add quora to their marketing strategies notice better traffic results. It also depends on various factors.

    Here are a few tips to get quality traffic from Quora;
    1. Write informative and in-depth answers.
    2. Add links when necessary.
    3. Include images, screenshots or examples for better understanding.
    4. Don't try to sell yourself.
    5. Make your answers readable by adding bullet points, bold words and short paragraphs.
    6. Craft better headlines
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