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by Alan Petersen 6 replies

I'm researching webinar service providers. I've looked at GoToWebinar, InstantTeleseminar.com, and webex. Any others out there?

I would love to hear back from folks using any type of webinar services. I would also need an option for folks to call in with an 800 number. Not sure how that ties in. Any tips or recommended reading on the subject is appreciated.

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    I like WebEx and it has a pay-per-use option. I don't believe any of GoTo's products have that. For the actual phone conferencing, if you don't need to record it, Free Conference Call, Phone Conferencing, Teleconferences - FreeConferenceCall.com works great.
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    I've used GoToWebinar about 20 times now... it's great and gets my recommendation.
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    I've used Gotowebinar with great results, but it is definitely on the pricey side after the first month free trial.
    If you have a small group of attendees you might try SKYPE (up to 6 on a call), or GOOGLE DimDim and sign up for their free option (up to 20 attendees).
    Here's a tip that you may want to consider - early on, there was no way I could afford $99 a month for Gotowebinar. I used the free 30 days, then had one of my partners do the same the following month. The third month, one of my members signed up. Get the picture?
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      Gotowebinar has been the best for me and works great.

      Never been confused.

      I have tried others but not so user friendly
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