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I'm not a marketer, I'm an author seeking your help. I'm about to release my second novel and I want to bust down the box, not just think outside of it. Now that independent publishing is a big thing, hundreds of businesses have sprung up to "help" authors market their books via the Internet. While most of them may be legit, the problem is EVERYBODY is using them. (Well, as an author trying to get noticed it's a problem, for the people wanting to make a buck off of writers, it's a golden age.) While these platforms may have once helped an author rise above the clutter, their growth and saturation now make their clients just one more among the tens of thousands. I'm looking for ways to rise above their clutter and do something no one else is doing. I'm not looking for help with website design or book cover design or other basics. I'm hoping that I've tapped into a creative reservoir of innovative thinkers who will exchanged thoughts and sparking new ideas. Perhaps even create a new "thing" that others will point to and try to emulate. And that's the challenge.

Here's what we're working with:
I have a webpage dedicated to me as an author and my novels. The site also hosts my monthly blog and encourages people to sign up for mail.
I have a "Literary Arts" page on my FaceBook site.
I have GoodReads, Twitter and Instagram accounts.
I have a 4,300 connections on LinkedIn.
I publish/promote my blog on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

My soon-to-be released book is as follows:
Beginning in 1903 with a brutal nor'easter along North Carolina's dreaded Diamond Shoals, Aphrodite's Whisper is an epic story in the vein of Legends of the Fall and Cold Mountain. Caelyn Canady, a moneyed-class misfit from New York, becomes a castaway forced to save herself and the man who should have rescued her. During her journey home, she finds love on the desolate dunes of the Outer Banks, witnesses man's first flight, and becomes the woman she knows she is meant to be.
Ethan Roberts, her would-be rescuer, is a veteran of the Spanish-American War tormented by the deaths of his best friend and an innocent woman. In becoming a surfman, he has found refuge in the untamed isolation of Cape Hatteras where the next call for help may be the one that finally frees him from his guilt and pain. Whether it be through redemption or death he no longer cares - until the stoic Missourian's passion for life is rekindled by the slight woman who saves him.
Aphrodite's Whisper is one of those rare novels that transports the reader to a seldom-explored time and place. In short, Aphrodite's Whisper is a timeless tale of two people who share a love so strong it survives betrayal, war, and even death.

The genre is historical-fiction. By the description it should be obvious that this is a tragic love story, not a romance novel. As with my previous novel, Black Hearts White Bones, it will be e-published on Kindle, hard copy published via Kindle, and sold on Audible.

I will be happy to answer any questions. Thank you for your time.
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    Definitely try and grow your mailing list.

    Also publish more books, then you can bundle them on Amazon and elsewhere.
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