5 of my weirdest (but highest converting) subject lines + done for you templates

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I'm going to give you these as sorta "fill in the blank" copy & paste templates.

Yup, I know I'm teaching some of you to suck eggs with this, but remember that you experienced folks are in the minority here

Everybody else... there's a couple of things you gotta know about; rubbernecking and associative groups.


What's the purpose of your subject line? To get people to open the email, and NOTHING else.

You know when you drive past a road accident and you can't help but look? That's rubbernecking and it's a powerful driver, so we use it to our advantage.

It doesn't have to be smart, or clever, or witty. It only has one job; get the email opened.

Associative Groups

Slightly more complicated, we've got multiple types of groups we can use in marketing but we only need 2 for this:

Aspirational groups (a group we WANT to belong to... or shares our values or beliefs, etc).

And dissociative groups (a group do DON'T want to belong to, they are the enemy).

Think Mac vs PC, Democrat vs Republican, WSO sellers vs real marketers*... (I jest, I jest!).

People are afraid of things / groups / ideas / beliefs, and fear is powerful motivator.

Don't Be An Arse

As a reforming arse, I'm in no position to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't be.

But it's important that you do not single out any one person, or make it personal (at worst it's bullying... or at the very least it's unprofessional).

It's probably best just to call-out ideas or values. Know what you stand for, and own it.

For example, the "get rich quick" idiots (they are actually idiots and should be avoided at all costs) could be a dissociative group.

Obviously I'm not naming anyone (that would defeat the purpose).

When you go against your dissociative group, your audience becomes polarised - and that's what you want because you're giving your TRUE fans a voice, someone they can believe in.

Being Real

Genuine likability comes from being authentic.

What is authenticity? It's honest communication.

It happens when we're not afraid of limiting or hiding our true thoughts and opinions; we communicate openly and honestly.

So don't try to please everyone, figure out what it is you don't like about your niche, and attract the people who feel the same.

How To Use This

Copy and paste these, tweak them and fill in your own stuff.

Test them out against your control, they might beat it... they might not.

I can't promise anything other than sharing what's worked for me.

1. Here, think of the worst possible outcome for your audience.
The moment I realized {something bad}
2. There's a dangerous secret that's deliberately being kept from your audience!
The {threat} that {dissociative group} Refuses to Report
3. Everybody loves watching a fight or argument. It forces them to choose a side, and you already know which side your audience is going to choose.
{You} vs {dissociative group}
4. Tsk.. Those guys are at it again *rolls eyes*
{dissociative group} Have {done something bad}
5. You've made a shocking discovery.
You won't believe the awful truth about {dissociative group}
6. Those pesky guys are up to no good again, and this time they're wrecking something we love.
How The {dissociative group} Are Destroying {something good}

Here's some real life examples of how I've used these on one of my email lists.

On this email list, my audience hates the media, politicians, mega-corps that destroy the planet, in the eyes of my list they're all very naughty.

You've gotta find yours.

Have fun, and profit.

*don't forget to check out my WSO on 7 easy ways to insult people in forums. No refunds.
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