What are "buying keywords"?

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I've heard it said that the best keywords to target are buying keywords. What exactly does this mean? Does it mean to search for keywords that contain the word buy? Like go into a keyword tool and type something like "buy", "purchase", or "order"?
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    Hi Michelle, Alexa

    "product" + discount
    "product" + review
    "product" + scam
    "product" + delivery
    "product" + you get the idea...

    All the best

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    Yes, and one of the best types of "buying intention" keyword is one with the actual product name in it. For example, if the name of what you are selling is "mega wizpro", all keywords with "mega wizpro" in them will attract a high percentage of searchers with intentions of buying.
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    Cheapest, best deal, cheap, used... Or in some niches bonuses, bonus, best bonus, special offer, discount code, coupon, reviews, free trial, etc...


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    Here are some buying keywords:

    sharp aquos 52 120hz
    hermione halloween costume
    world of warcraft gold guide

    There's only two types of people who search for buying keywords (to my knowledge):
    -people who have their credit cards out and itching to use it, OR
    -Internet marketers who do it for research purposes or out of sheer curiosity

    Curtis Ng (blog) - Product Launch Manager
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    I use this site occasionally to help me decide on commercially viable keywords.

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    Thanks for the responses. This info is a big help. :-)
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    In addition to specific product keywords...

    There's a search continuum that you need to consider when you're doing keyword research. You'll come across keywords that are informational by nature (meaning just looking to read info) and there are keywords that I'm going to call hurting keywords for lack of a better name. Those using the hurting keywords are more in pain than the others --> meaning to say they are more primed to buy a solution if presented to them. If you're selling infoproducts, THOSE are the buying keywords that you want to target.

    I have an example, but I haven't done official testing on this so without the numbers I could be wrong. But in a few instances, I've found that "how to" keywords isn't as much of a buying keyword as people first think. Ex. "get a job" would get more conversions than "how to get a job."

    I'll have to split-test it to be sure, but hopefully you get the idea.


    "If you have a strong enough why, you can bear almost any how."

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