Where to invest marketing dollars?

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We're a small design shop giving it a go with marketing. Our messaging is fairly strong and focuses on value proposition.

With a fairly limited budget, where can we wisely invest for the best ROI. We've created custom books to highlight our capabilities and show-off our portfolio, and we're currently trying out Linkedin (but we're specifically targeting CEOs and brand managers as our "intended" audience).

Thanks Warriors
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    Are you willing to do a little extra work?

    Build a portfolio page of designs very specific to particular niches. Your archives of designs can be incorporated into the niches you choose.

    Then go online (or to a good library in a big city - the reference desk) and look up the Encyclopedia of Associations. It's a 4-volume set which lists thousands of various member associations in every marketplace imaginable (doctors, lawyers, teachers, plumbers, pilots, horse trainers, artists, beekeepers, fly fishermen, etc). You will find an association contact person listed along with address, phone, email, etc. Most of these associations have newsletters, magazines, web sites and other member goodies that often allow advertisements by 3rd parties.

    I hope you already see where I'm going with this.

    Let's say you choose the National Assoc. of Barbers (I have no idea if there is such a thing ... but likely there is ... it will probably be called something else). If you had a small portfolio of designs for barbershops and could advertise your design service in their monthly newsletter that thousands of barbers subscribe to and read religiously . . . would that be targeted marketing to a specific niche and probably something your competition isn't doing? Could you add a 30% off coupon of your services for all new clients? Even if you didn't make a lot of sales at first, would this be a way to introduce your brand and world class designs in a very targeted way?

    Let your creative juices flow a little and see what you can come up with ...

    The very best to you,


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      I want to thank you for your reply -- it definitely an approach we'll explore! It's time to think different and look for 'unconventional' ways to market ourselves.

      Thanks again
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