A way to clarify your thinking, and make money too.

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The following has a 25 year track record of success. Try it. Or don't.

The reason I am posting it is; too many of the same questions day after day. This won't do anything to stop that, but, it may help one or two of you to GET GOING, and quit lollygagging around, fair enough?

Since you like step-by-step:

STEP ONE. Write out a five paragraph one page HOTSHEET, make each paragraph no more than four sentences long, on your topic.

It would look something like:

My hotsheet on cryptocurrency (chosen as a hot topic, what with Bit coin falling like a ton of bricks from the Empire State Bldg. today).

1st Paragraph: the idea. I will start a blog and website which deals with crypto currency. It will have daily content, observations and market updates.

2nd Paragraph: Why? Crypto is a very hot subject, and it has daily news and millions of people interested in it, and some who want to either invest or learn more. My reason is; it represents a huge market and several niches inside.

3rd Paragraph: I will register a name today, and get a web site, and host. This can be done for less than 100 dollars, so I will do this TODAY.

4th Paragraph: I will join all Facebook groups, and search for any and all forums or blogs which are already discussing Crypto, so as to get a feel for the current state of the TOPIC.

5th Paragraph: I expect this blog and website to generate at least 60 thousand US dollars by the end of the year. This will happen as I grow readers and make offers to these people interested in Crypto.

END OF STEP ONE. Simple enough. But how many of you have even a simple one page writtten plan or concept down? I know from being here for the last 18 years, very dang few.

STEP TWO: Expand each paragraph into a one page more detailed idea. So you will have five pages, with a more fully fleshed out plan. Time and space do not allow an example of each, but here are some questions to answer.

1st paragraph: I will do a comparison of web hosts and find one and make a decision. I want to use ____________ (Wordpress, GatorAde, or whatever) and I need to have _______ (blog, forum, Cpanel).

The idea is to make you THINK about what you want to do, what you need to do it, and how much it will cost to get started, so, YOU CAN START. TODAY!!

After you have a 5 page overview, call it a White Paper on your subject. Ask yourself what you have learned, and what other people want to know.

You will then expand this 5 pages, by having 2 pages for each one, and very shortly you'll have a 10 page report, which makes an excellent give away, email getting, front end device to help get you started.

This whole thing, is maybe 3 days of very part time (2 hours a day) activity.

STEP THREE. You have a fully fleshed out IDEA. You may have chosen a web host, and maybe you've written the 5 pages out. But before you pull the trigger, take time to look over your plan. NOW is the time to get feedback, ask questions of yourself, or of a group of people within your target market. Let WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE AND WHY be your best friends at this point.

You may see some flaws in your thinking, the market, or uncover your real reason for wanting to do this, and THEN, YOU either pull the trigger and start, or you go back to the one page hotsheet and ask yourself, what do you really want.

I will follow this up, with a detailed post about creating an AUTOMATIC PRODUCT VENDING SITE, which costs almost nothing and could be the beginning building block or your future IM ventures.

My OPINION; most of you over complicate it, waste time chasing shiny objects, don't know what you want, spin your wheels and get stuck in the mud of chasing your tail in circles. Why? There is a better, and simpler way. This post is the start of that better way.

An AUTOMATIC PRODUCT VENDING SITE, is as close as a newbie can get to passive income, but you need to work on the details. What is an Automatic Product Vending site? It is an idea coined by Bill Myers about 20 years ago,

it is where you have a simple, one page website with something for sale. Your prospect puts money in, pushes a button, out comes the product. Millions of dollars are made with these simple little vending businesses.

But, first, as with any venture, you have to know what you want and why? Do you have a current one page PLAN? If not, you better go to STEP ONE, right now, eh?

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    Paragraphs 1 and 2 make it all pop Gordon. Loving this primer.

    #1 gives you clarity in What you plan to do. Laying out a plan. #2 gives you the clarity and intent to actually do it. Amazing how when you know why you want to do something, you do it; no excuses.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Originally Posted by ryanbiddulph View Post

      Paragraphs 1 and 2 make it all pop Gordon. Loving this primer.

      #1 gives you clarity in What you plan to do. Laying out a plan. #2 gives you the clarity and intent to actually do it. Amazing how when you know why you want to do something, you do it; no excuses.

      Take your ebook, 13 Tips to Make Your Blogger Outreach... which you have at Kindle for 3.99. Once you have set that up, it becomes an AUTOMATIC PRODUCT VENDING site, and your AUDIO at iTunes, etc. are also forms of APV sites,

      so, I'm glad you liked steps one and two, but step three, as you are using them, as well as stand alone APV sites, are where the new person can begin to make money right away, without having to blog at all. A blog, certainly, can be a tool for goal reaching and prosperity, if one is suited to it.

      But an APV site, can literally, be done by anyone.

      So thanks for your comments and giving me some examples to show people what APV looks like using the platforms of Kindle, iTunes, etc.

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    Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post

    My OPINION; most of you over complicate it, waste time chasing shiny objects, don't know what you want, spin your wheels and get stuck in the mud of chasing your tail in circles. Why? There is a better, and simpler way.
    This basically says it all, in my opinion. Very few people are lucky enough to trip and fall into success. Most of us need some sort of plan to achieve success.

    My initial plan certainly wasn't 10 pages long like you'd have if you follow the outline above. But, it did itentify the potential brand, a target market, the products they need and how to connect the target market to the products.

    The problem is that, as Gordon said, most people here won't follow his outline or come up with a plan. But, they'll continue to tread water (if they're lucky) or drown (if they're not), wondering why they aren't having success.

    Quit jumping from shiny object to shiny object and come up with a plan.
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    I was lucky to have some great mentors, Joe Karbo, Gary Halbert, Burt Morgan. All three shared a similar doctrine, summed up by Burt Morgan:

    It is better to get shot out of the water than to rot at the dock.

    Or, Gary Halbert's MOTION over meditation. Do something.

    Now first knee jerk thoughts, oh, here comes his WSO. Nah, nothing to sell you. Take the info or don't, honestly, I just don't care.

    When Bill Myers wrote about the Automatic Product Vending site 20 years ago, I thought it was brilliant. A simple one page website, which sells a product (a PDF for example) and they either buy it or not. It needs TRAFFIC, of course, but there are several low cost ways to drive traffic.

    The WF is home to WORLD wide folks. And thousands who want to get started. Here's how.

    But first, let me drop some names, just to give you some ideas; Warriors Barb Ling and Jeff Smith, whom both sell how to create and sell information products. Both Warriors have some good products.

    Also, at some of the affiliate sites, like WarriorPlus, where you would find Amy Harrop and Marlon Sanders, also very good INFORMATION marketers. It was Marlon Sanders, in 1998 who convinced me to leave a cushy job and go full time on the Internet.

    My point? Information sells. What do you have, RIGHT NOW?

    Your life, and where you live.

    Our friend and Warrior, Ryan Biddulph is a world traveler, gallavanting around the beautiful beaches of the world, living a nomad's life and making money blogging about his adventures.

    Using the 3 steps above, write out a five paragraph description of where you live. What country, what city, what are the local attractions, or places to avoid. Do you live in an area which attracts visitors or tourists. If not, where is the nearest place you would go, if you could or if you could afford it.

    Then, flesh this out, write a page about each of those things, the idea is to create a short report on WHAT YOU KNOW. And it could be about what you do, your experience, your job skills...or even your escape plan.

    You must START where you are at, with what you have, and know where you want to go, and you can do this by sharing what you know and where you are at to get started.

    Maybe you live in a horrible place, so you create a one page hot sheet on 10 PLACES TO AVOID IF YOU EVER VISIT CUYAHOGA FALLS, OHIO See?

    It is in the taking of the action, the doing, that you help yourself overcome your inertia. Sure, buy all the reports, software, information that you can, study, learn and take your time.

    Many do that. But my opinion is, it is better to get started DOING something, TODAY, and what you can do, even if you can't put a single sentence together is talk about what you know and where you live. You could always have your TALK translated and transcribed.

    And you don't need a web site to start selling stuff. Use DROPBOX. Create a pdf in Open Office. Get a paypal or some processor button. Use you sig files at forums to get started, you need not spend a single dime to start.

    Follow the 3 steps, to get a one page FLESHED OUT IDEA, and then explore the how. I like Barb Ling's ONE PAGE CHEATSHEETS, and have paid her money for them. Amy Harrop teaches people how to create simple one page products and she is a star on the rise at WarriorPlus, great info too.

    So, if you start today, you could have your first product for sale in a few days. A simple one page or a short report about YOU and what you know, do or where you live.

    Any questions?

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    Nicely put Gordon - so many people ask me how to do it. I tell them make a plan and DO something. They read a ton, some make a plan, almost no one does anything.
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