Need advice on promoting a Instagram Automation Tool

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Hello All,

We have built a product for Instagram automation which allows you to Auto Follow, Auto Unfollow, Auto Like, Auto Comment, Auto Direct Message, Auto Repost. I am aware that there are many similar tools like us.

Now how do we go about marketing the tool and get user to signup for using it?

Your suggestions will be valuable.

Thanks in advance!
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    Sounds like a really cool product. I have been introduced to a number of really cool products on AppSumo. I don't know how they make product selections for their website, and yes the price of the product is heavily discounted, but it would get exposure and users which is needed to get a sale. I am certain there are a few other sites like AppSumo out there.

    You could also write a blog post and drop it into developer/marketing forums on various social media sites. Don't do a big sales job on your product but rather discuss the problem and what the solution should look like. Then you can refer to your product and provide a link.

    Just a couple of thoughts.
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    Build friendships with folks who'd dig the tool; IG types. Help them and ask for nothing. Be patient. Friendships form. Friends buy your tool and endorse it. This strategy makes you stand out from competition; making trusted friends.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Originally Posted by CKStudios View Post

    I am aware that there are many similar tools like us.

    So what is your reasoning for building this tool if there are already many other similar tools available? Is it faster, easier to use, more effective? What is your USP? How are you better and preferable to all your competition? Why should anyone buy from you instead of the already established brands in the niche?

    Whatever your benefits to the buyer are . . . those should be the focus of your marketing efforts.

    In addition, your online marketing research will help you build a customer avatar and show you exactly where your perfect prospects can be found online. As a marketer you are selling to current demand and that should be your focus.

    Good luck,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    try doing Ig ads targeting smaller influencers
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    There are always competitor exist. You may try to promote your software and make SEO for it.
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