How to do payment through payement gateway ?

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How we can do payment through online or e-commerce websites ? How much does it cost to have a payment gateway?
Which payment gateway is best ? Is Visa a payment gateway?
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    CCAvenue is best payment gateway.It is oldest payment gateway in India.It is providing fast and best service since 2001.
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    You can use Stripe for e-commerce sites. It's pretty well-known currently.
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    Stripe or PayPal pricing is 2.9% + 30 cents.
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    PayPal is one of the best and reliable payment option. It is also one of the convenient way to pay online.

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  • Safe2Pay,
    Sounds like you need an online merchant account.
    In most countries, local banks can provide an online merchant account to registered businesses. However, setup charges and security bond requirements can sometimes be expensive.
    So if PayPal, Stripe, Skrill and so on are available in your country, then contact them. They offer online merchant accounts to ecommerce businesses.
    Another option is to sign up as a merchant of affiliate management platforms that focus on niches related to yours ...

    These options offer APIs that you can integrate into your ecommerce platform.
    Some of them charge setup fees, and almost all of them charge per-transaction and monthly maintenance fees.
    Also, others require certain monthly sales volume margins ...

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    most gateways cost around $30.00 per month then there are the fees associated with whatever merchant account you have. If you can get approved stick with paypal, stripe or one of the other all in one packages where you pay a little higher percent but do not have the headaches and responsibility
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    You may consider One Shopping Cart, Infusionsoft or Paypal.
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    Stripe, Paypal, 2checkout, PaySimple
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      Originally Posted by sebastian1809 View Post

      Stripe, Paypal, 2checkout, PaySimple
      PaySimple looks good, but its price is little expensive to me.
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    Originally Posted by Safe2Pay View Post

    Which payment gateway is best ?

    I suggest you do some study on the whole topic of taking online payments before you choose any particular method and company to work with. Right now, your questions suggest you need to better understand what you should be looking for and how the payment processing industry services small, new, online companies.

    This is not a one-size-fits-all choice (the processing company). Your decision should be based on a number of factors including
    • Where your company is located in the world
    • The types of products and/or services that you sell
    • The average number and size of transactions you will process
    • Your company's financial history and credit worthiness
    • Other factors that your processor will want to know
    This is a two-way street: you will choose a company to work with but they must also choose to approve you and your company.


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    Take a look at Shieldpay too - their pricing is competitive and they're fast and reliable think they also connect you to MasterCard and visa gateways, or at least they have a load of flexible integrations options, so you can almost pick and mix
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    Stripe is by far the best online payment processor gateaway out there today and nowadays it doesn´t matter if you live in a unsupported country there are work arounds for that.
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    Stripe is my personal favorite, but you have to be a web developer to know how to use it directly.

    If you don't know how to code, checkout these options:

    -GravityForms: This actually syncs w/ Stripe but you need Wordpress for this.

    For accepting crypto, check these out:

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    A payment gateway is a software that is used to provide money processing through the merchant to the acquiring bank. It serves as an interface between the payment form on a website and an acquiring bank.
    It is vital for a business to have a trustworthy payment gateway.
    Some of them may charge a setup fee, some are not. It's all depends on your kind of business.
    Here are some international payment providers:
    Ikajo International

    Hope it was helpful
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