Newbies - how badly do you want to make this work?

by lazavas 13 replies

just putting the question out there, myself sometimes i cant sleep at night as i think of ways of improving my knowledge or just the pure excitement, i know i will achieve success in IM, just a matter of time as i am determined, anyone else can tell us how badly they want to succeed?

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    This is going to sound odd coming from somebody make a good living.

    I still want to find REAL success one day.

    I'm not talking about the kind of success that's measured purely in dollars
    and cents. I'm talking about something a lot deeper that I don't think a lot
    of people who would get who are in this just for the money.

    I'm talking about respect. I'm talking about having people mention your name
    up there with people like, well, pick your favorite marketer. It doesn't matter.

    Sounds egotistical? Not really. It's not about being worshiped or anything
    like that. It's about having somebody say, "That so and so, he's a really
    helpful and great guy." To me, that's worth more than all the money in the

    Yeah, I know, you have to earn that kind of respect. Well, that's why I
    say that I'm still working at being successful. I have a long way to go. I
    make a lot of mistakes, many that I better correct very soon.

    No, for me, it's not all about the money.

    Once you have it, you start to realize that it doesn't keep you warm at
    night or put a smile on your face.

    Not really.
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      Originally Posted by Steven Wagenheim View Post

      It's not about being worshiped or anything
      like that. It's about having somebody say, "That so and so, he's a really
      helpful and great guy." To me, that's worth more than all the money in the
      You are there for me NOW, Steven. Cheers! Kudos. Horray for you and all the ways you have helped me succeed!

      EVERYTIME I see a post from you on this forum I read it because I know the content will be good. You rate at the top in my world!
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        I'm with you Susan. That recognizable Steven Wagenheim picture might as well be a stop sign -- every time you see it as you scroll down the page you know to stop and read... read closely

        To the OP:

        just a matter of time as i am determined, anyone else can tell us how badly they want to succeed?
        I know for a fact I'll succeed. I have set a very specific financial goal and for my own reasons I can't quit until I reach it. It's a comforting feeling. A month or two ago I was always asking questions like "Will this work? Am I wasting my time? Is this for me?"

        Now that I know the answers to those 3 questions are "yes" I can relax and enjoy the process without being stressed.
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        yes i agree, i always read your posts steve and i can honestly say u have my respect 100%
        from the one or two times i have messaged you for advice you have replied straight away and that makes a huge impression on someone who has only been in this game for a short time
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    Originally Posted by lazavas View Post

    ... anyone else can tell us how badly they want to succeed?
    There are no words... It's all-consuming.

    But it's not just about money, not really. It's about freedom, and control, and yes, in the end security and personal fulfillment.
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      After a week like this I can not wait to leave the 9-5 world and make this work full time. I am constantly trying to find something that interests me and that I can finally quit my day job to do.

      I have tried so many things, and I'm finally in a position where a few things are working, I now just need to expand and repeat until I get to the stage where I'm earning what I am in the 9-5. The moment I do this I'll quit and concentrate on IM full time!!

      It's not a case of if, it's a case of when!
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        Wanting success is a great start.

        Now create another thread where each person who has posted can post the specific details of EXACTLY (specific tasks) what they're doing to:

        - create or source a product to sell/promote
        - build a quality web presence that converts
        - build a list
        - drive targeted traffic
        - measure their success

        1. Post as often as you want. In each post, tell us EXACTLY what you've just done, what you're going to do next, and by when. Ask for help when you need it.

        2. Go back to 1.

        Do that, and your dreams will come true.



        Easy email marketing automation without moving your lists.

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    Truth be told, for me (and my pursuit of writing) it is more about doing what I love, as opposed to what I studied to do and so I would definitely pull out every stop in order to succeed at it.

    If it doesn't work, I'll be stuck in a regular job somewhere in the finance sector possibly, and will be wringing my head over the state of the world's market while wishing fervently that I was somewhere, anywhere, else.

    So how badly do I want to make this work? Very, very, very (and a couple more 'very's just for affect) much.

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  • Nice Blog, I am not a regular blog reader or a smoker. But I have given thought to having my own blog. Just not sure are effective they are yet.
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    It seems as though you shot this question straight at me.

    Am I a newbie to most forms of IM? Yes.

    How badly do I want this technique to work? You have no idea how badly I need this to work.

    I'm I willing to work long and hard to achieve it? You can bet your life on it.

    Am I looking for a "Get rich quick scheme"? No way.

    I can honestly say that this forum is the best thing that I've ever come across on the net. Being able to actually read about other peoples success and to speak to them directly is invaluable in MHO.

    Susan, one of your posts in the Mind section was one of my first to read and was truly inspirational. Thank you for showing me that it can be done.

    Steven, even in the short time that I've been here with you Warriors, I have noticed your informative posts before most others. Already, you have proved to me your selfless commitment to benefit others. Thank you.

    I believe it was Albert Einstein who said, "Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.

    "No one succeeds alone." unknown
    "Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do." Johann von Goethe
    "There are no stupid people, only different levels of ignorance." me

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      for me,i would like to give it my all.i am new and its being great, especially the fact that i can work from home and take care of my boy makes me feel good.
      i am willing to learn,apply my findings and make this work for me and i know it would.
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        some great replies, hope we can get a few more newbies feedback
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    Steven YOU are respected greatly here. I always look forward to reading your posts because they are always helpful and contain value. Sure it would be cool to be mentioned with the BIG Guru's but I'm sure most people genuinely like you better than those big gurus because you actually help us and post here regularly
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      I am a newbie too and always still learning.

      Lately I am experiencing something really stressful...

      "Addiction in finding my real success.

      Everytime, I stop working, I feel guilty and my mind is always churning with the next move or a new idea and I just want to get it done asap.

      My rest becomes a period of my mind being active. So the rest is not rest at all.

      "How badly do I want to make it work?

      Really badly!

      I find myself always finetuning my system, tracking, tweaking this and that.

      And when I got all these done, new ideas and issues surface and the cycle repeats itself.

      "When will I ever get a proper rest?

      I was so stressed up that I told James about it and he became my listening ear for that hour long of ranting.

      "Now what happens?

      I move on. I realise Success is really a journey.

      While finding this success, we really have to take care of ourselves. If we break down, our business will collapse.

      "What does success means to me now?

      Success is becoming better today than yesterday. That is all I ask for.

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