Anyone can offer a few first hand tips to promote a SaaS platform?

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Hi all. I am a software developer having expertise in developing web apps. I have developed a SaaS platform that almost any professional can use to offer online face to face consultation. The revenue model is subscription based and there are over a million potential customers for this. But i am not expert in pushing it to the right people. Hence looking for some advice. Btw i have searched google and found some tips, but advice from someone who already have done this will be really appreciated.

Thanks to all.
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    Hi. You will need to promote your platform on social networks.
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      Thank you for the reply.
      Which networks? I can spend money on ads but need to know if any particular network performs better than others.
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    Originally Posted by Amogh Bahula View Post

    But i am not expert in pushing it to the right people.

    "The right people" are those who are targeted prospects for your app, and the closer they are in the buying process to actually pulling the trigger on the sale, the higher your conversions should be.

    In my experience, simply advertising on social media is a very poor way to make a sale. I believe you would be much better off focusing your efforts of contacting qualified leads that have already shown an interest in what you have to offer. In most cases, that means paid advertising on venues like Linked-in and other digital platforms that cater to business people only, especially small business consultants, personal coaches, mentors, and leaders that already have established clients.

    Since your app allows owners face-to-face engagement with their clients, it might also be useful for businesses that sell courses, digital instruction, and even things like singing instruction, musical instrument instruction, public speaking, and other skills where the teacher can get personal with the student.

    This is not my niche so I can't give you specifics about all the venues that you might try ... but I can tell you that simply blasting your ad to random people at "general" or popular sites will not produce the kind of conversion you need in order to market profitably.

    If possible, you might think about developing a "light" version of your app and give it away freely to people that raise their hands on your squeeze page saying they have an interest in learning more.

    The very best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Thank you for the response. I will use the idea of free light version.
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    Have you tried reaching out people who MANUALLY DO tasks your SAAS automates?

    I'm talking about reaching out to businesses not consumers
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      Marketing is not my strong point. Reaching out to people will need some strategy and i am not sure what is applicable in this context.

      Thank you for the response.
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    just couple of ideas:

    * Facebook Ads with very targeted audiences.
    * Make a mental picture of what your ideal customer is and find where they gather or sites they visit, then buy some ads there.
    * Offer it for free! Free works great if you can/know where to place the "Upgrade" button inside your app.

    Hope this helps.
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    Create an affiliate program. Use your skills to have it work with JVZoo's API and make it lucrative enough for people to promote it for you.

    IMO, you should spend your much of your initial marketing effort recruiting affiliates that can make multiple sales for you vs. looking for individual sales.

    The exception would be I'd start getting to know and use LinkedIn. Find and participate in LI groups where your potential customers hang out and build trust and authority by helping them.
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    See if appsumo and product hunt accept your product. If they do, u can make some very good money and clients.
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    If you are a web developer, you can create products and sell them on Codecanyon.
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    Look around you! Find some relations or friends you may have close to you, who has the marketing skill, to help you. You better try to do it with your local people first.

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
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