Should I just keep my day job?

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Hi I've been trying this affiliate marketing because I need extra income.. I sell filters now over the phone. It barely pays the bills with twin girls and one computer I don't have a lot of spare time or money.

My question, can a new person still make money say writing reviews and make affiliate sales? It sounds easy from everything I've read so far and it's actually helping people make good decisions which is a nice plus.

Also, I'm trying to find a hosting platform that I can afford. Everyone wants all of it up front. I'm a divorced mom with two kids, it has to be cheap to start.

Or am I wasting my time and money trying to do this? It seems so competitive like everyone's doing it.

Anyway sorry don't mean to sound negative, just want to get going on this or something that I can work hard on and grow into something more than my current low paying job. Thanks!
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    My first inclination is if you're already selling over the phone, to find something that pays better.

    Buy a domain name from NameCheap for $11 for a year. Learn how to use NameCheap's "redirects". There's plenty of videos on Youtube that will show you how.

    Get a free site from someone like Wix or Weebly. Use your domain name redirects to point to pages on your free site. What this does is let you have control so once you make enough money you can easily move to your own hosting.

    Once you have some pages with offers for sales and/or email signups set up on your site:
    1. Learn how to get traffic to these pages.
    2. Learn how to convert this traffic to sales and email signups.

    Until you can do both of the 2 things above, keep your day job.
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      Originally Posted by dioni View Post

      Job is a trap, get out of it as soon as you can.
      I'm assuming your going to PayPal something to feed the kids.

      "He not busy being born, is busy dying." - Bob Dylan • "I vibe with the light-dark point. Heavy." - Words that Bob Dylan wishes he had written.

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    1. If U need web hosting, I can set u up on my hosting for free for next 1 year
    Affiliate marketing is not easy nowadays as it is described. For a newbie, it is much more difficult. It will take time for u to bring traffic, writing articles, creating graphics/videos etc.

    One way I have found way to do affiliate marketing is via android apps.
    Create info based apps with content and images. In your apps, you can put affiliate links for different products. Example: I have a dating app and inside I promote a CPA offer called Benaughty which is a adult cpa offer.

    I will be happy to offer more assistance if u need as I can understand what u are going through.
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    Originally Posted by levanthai11 View Post

    Should I just keep my day job?

    Yes, by all means, keep your day job. I'm not saying that you should not try to earn some money online. But giving up your current income (even if it is not what you want) could be disastrous. The vast majority of people coming to this forum asking how to earn income online still haven't found their answer after a year ... sometimes two - five years ... sometimes ever!

    Don't quit your day job until your online income surpasses your day job income every month for six consecutive months.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    How is this different from your post as FilterQueen asking the same question?

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      Originally Posted by Rose Anderson View Post

      How is this different from your post as FilterQueen asking the same question?

      I thought I was having an LSD flashback. I think someone is starved for attention. :-)

      Glad it wasn't just me, but I wasn't going to say a word. lol

      "He not busy being born, is busy dying." - Bob Dylan • "I vibe with the light-dark point. Heavy." - Words that Bob Dylan wishes he had written.

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    If you are just going to try marketing, keep your day job.

    But if you commit 100% to marketing, you can build an exit plan.

    All about you and your commitment to affiliate marketing.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Kidding aside (from saying that job is a trap & that you should get out of it)

    Keep your day job, for now. Though it may seem like a struggle to keep both your day job and your newly-found opportunity, security in life should be at the top.
    It is so important to have something that is sure especially that you have kids.

    Affiliate Marketing is in truth promising but as you've said, you have just started with it. New things can go from 0 - 100 easily but they can go from 100 - 0 just as quick especially if you're a newbie.

    Quit the day job if you feel that you are 100% committed to Affiliate Marketing and of course you can always turn back to this forum post & remember all these people who offered you help

    Count me in!
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