what are the strategies for online reputation mangement concept

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online reputation management concept is very difficult. can any one share strategies for that
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  • Try Google, plenty of good resources there

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    Always tell the truth.

    Never lie.
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  • 1. Create A Presence On Any And All Relevant Web Properties.

    2. Don't Neglect Your Social Media Accounts.

    3. Consider Your Brands And Products.

    4. Protect Individuals Associated With The Business.

    5. Implement Authorship Where Applicable.

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    The key thing of online reputation management is you have to provide truly good products and services. If you are bad products, bad services, it's nothing with online reputation management.
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    Originally Posted by Erica Mary View Post

    online reputation management concept is very difficult. can any one share strategies for that
    We use a system to manage all social comments in one place so the key is responsiveness to act on both positive and negative feedback.

    You want to encourage positive feedback and answer negative feedback quickly and professionally.

    For negative feedback the best strategy is to publicly acknowledge the comment and the customer's concern and then try to move any further discussion into a private space rather than having extended remedial discussions publicly.

    The speed at which you respond is also key so it helps to be actively social listening to make sure you hear what people are saying about your business.

    It is a challenge but serious businesses make it a priority to include in their digital strategy.

    A good combination to look at might be to use something like "Mention" and "Jjumpp" couple those with a support desk and there are a number of good solutions out there. We use Zendesk but I like supporting Aussies where I can but there are several with various features.

    Create a role inside your business ( Think E-Myth) and either do it yourself when starting out and small and then delegate the management or outsource when the need arises.

    If you don't identify it as a necessity then eventually regardless of how good you are at what you do the negatives can chip away any gains you make from positives.

    For some research you might like to check...



    The stats I've heard about suggest each star rating relates to about a 9% increase in revenue.

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