How can I teach people how to make money?

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Hi Warriors,

I run a successful cell phone business that I know I can replicate if the person has certain circumstances (High population near them in a US city).

I'm struggling to find serious members who are willing to learn (I'm teaching it free).

I think everyone on FB groups ends up being international or not serious.
Any ideas how to scale and get many people who are actually interested in learning to make money online?

Thank You!
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    I hope your marketing pitch on FB was a little more descriptive. Is this a full time business, a part time additional cash flow stream, what is the startup investment required, is the business online or bricks and mortar or both (since you stated they need to be near a high population in a US city), how large is large with respect to population (I live in central NJ which is sparse but I am 45 minutes from NYC), who is the competition, and what type of support are you providing and what's in it for you if you are teaching for free? Just a couple of questions.

    I have also found that when I tell folks that I am willing to teach for free and they do not have any skin in the game, there is a tendency to show some interest until the Cowboys game starts on Sunday night and they lose interest. If there is some skin in the game, even if the initial cost is returned upon course completion and partnering, it might get more serious people involved.

    That said, have you defined your target market, you know, your ideal candidate. If it is a full time endeavor right from the start you will really cut down the size of your candidate pool. If one can start part time and convert to full as the business grows, then the pool increases.

    So, again I have a lot of questions, but as an entrepreneur who is always evaluating opportunities, I spend time with my mastermind group (a small group of around 500 people - I say small because only about 50 are really active at a time) and we discuss investment ideas (whether real estate, life settlements, crypto or startup businesses). Perhaps those are groups you could target since each member is a likely candidate.

    I doubt this helps a whole lot if you are strictly seeking a large group of people to push your idea at, but I believe you need to understand your target audience and what they are seeking before you will get much success.

    Just my thoughts! And best of luck.
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    • How can I get involved with these mastermind groups?
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        I have been building my network of like minded (I know a cheesy term) investor over the past 5 years. Prior to that I bounced around a lot without a real network building strategy. My goal was to meet people who had succeeded and connect with them. I have done this through a mining private placement group and a wealth growth group. But, it took me several months to build out relationships so that the folks in these groups trusted that I was for real and I had credibility. How did I find these groups - the mining group through a mutual acquaintance, the other one believe it or not through a podcast and reaching out the the host. He had great contacts and allowed me to enter his group. Of course there was a cost, but I was willing to accept that for the network. That said, I also was involved with numerous groups prior to that (a couple via Meetup) that were a waste of time. They were all like me and didn't have much to offer. The key part is you have to offer some value to the group.

        Not sure if that helps much, but there wasn't a 1-2-3 step guide to do that. If you wish, send me a PM and perhaps we can discuss in a little more detail and I will tell you the folks I am working with.
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    Run a blog on the topic. Teach folks for free. Befriend bloggers in the niche by helping them. Expand your reach and find serious readers/customers/clients.
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad at Blogging From Paradise
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    I would suggest you begin by researching the demand for people looking to make money by owning a cell phone business.

    If there is no appreciable demand (or very little), I would pick a different niche.

    Here's the rub: it is extremely difficult to create demand for anything without great time, money and patience. Yes, there are exceptions - fads, one-hit-wonders, yada, yada, but the chances of any one unique product being in demand from the get-go is minuscule.

    There are thousands and thousands of ways to make money. But in order for you to sell your "system" you're going to have to find demand for it and put your offer squarely in front of folks that are seeking what you have. Marketing to the general "make money" crowd presents you with huge competition and difficulty in trying to stand out so you get noticed.

    So try to find very targeted demand and see if you can create a very compelling way to offer up your story and method. Remember to focus on the prospect and how your system benefits him/her.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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  • I think I'm looking to get involved with money making groups but FB has ones that are filled with spam.
    I've already tried to pay and hire people from warrior forum, but very little responses.
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    You can put together an Ebook explaining how to learn the business then go about creating an email marketing list using Getresponse. You could advertise on all social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you can also use all free classifieds like Craigslist and Backpage. As well as YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, question sites like Yahoo Answers and Quora. Also advertise on Forums.
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    • Seems easy to do that, but from my experience only thing you attract is people who think your scamming, not interested, or just from a different country.
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    You could start by creating a high-quality course and make it available on Udemy, Teachables and other similar sites. Make the price similar to other courses that teach similar things. That will tell you if people are interested in learning what you are offering (note that the title and description you use can make a huge difference in interest, so do some research on key-phrases, title effectiveness etc.), because lots of people go to those eLearning sites so you don't need to find an audience yourself.

    The reason I recommend doing it that way rather than trying to sell an Ebook yourself, is that selling an Ebook is not easy . . . you have to either spend money, or a lot of time to generate potential buyers and a lot of people fail at that. But if you just do the same course on one of the sites which already have a lot of visitors, then you don't have to get the visitors yourself (the site will take a percentage, because they are getting you visitors and marketing your course, but they already good at doing that, so it's a good deal).

    If your course sells well, you can then make a LOT more money by marketing it effectively using webinars, because webinars convert much better (typically 10 times better) than sales-pages, plus you can sell the same course (maybe with a few additions), at a much higher price, with fewer refunds etc.


    If you have experience with paid traffic, or have a mailing-list or social-media following (niches: business, finance, money, MMO, IM), I may be able to get you access to one of the highest-converting offers ever made . . . $799.65 sales per webinar attendee from one mailing-list.

    PM me NOW for more info !
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    Hi the bizcollection,

    I'm interested in hearing about what you are proposing, but I'm not allowed to contact you because I just joined this site and haven't posted anything yet. How can I contact you?

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    If this is making money for you, and it's still promising, don't sell it for free. People love free, but it makes people feel your course less-valuable.
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    cell phones?
    probably smart phones?
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    • Yes buying selling cell phones
      Have you done it?
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        Is this similar to Gazelle or Usell? Both have a comprehensive website for device evaluation and tracking of the product. Do you have the infrastructure as a value to your potential resellers? Or are you showing them where to buy phone cheaper and resell with a markup? Just curious.
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    To say it shortly the easiest way to advertise will be paid ads to run ads (facebook and adwords) to the cities you want to reach. It should't be expensive for cities
    FREE Ebook 7 Proven Methods To Make $300 A Day And Much More Online.
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    I love this one. If you are not making money you cannot. But if you making money let the people know how you are doing it. even if it is $100 a month put a advert out saying make your first $100 online this month. Make a couple of videos or even a ebook that is. Hope it helps
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    Create a Youtube channel. Share your common lessons there. Ask people who are interested for more detail or more deep learning to join your webinar/fb group/list. Then you can drip feed your content there to see who's really serious to follow you and make profit together with you.

    And making video tutorial on Udemy or Skillshare like Chris suggested is a very good option to test your audience.

    I'm learning to draw again ...
    I want to sell my drawing later on!
    Wish me luck, okay?!

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    Well how you can expect to teach math foe example if you dont know it to good ? In im its the same you must know something before you teach .First take it easy and learn everyday and share what you learn ,progress come with work education etc
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    Originally Posted by thebizcollection View Post

    Hi Warriors,

    I run a successful cell phone business that I know I can replicate if the person has certain circumstances (High population near them in a US city).

    I'm struggling to find serious members who are willing to learn (I'm teaching it free).

    I think everyone on FB groups ends up being international or not serious.
    Any ideas how to scale and get many people who are actually interested in learning to make money online?

    Thank You!
    Charge money instead of offering it for free, this will weed out the people not serious.

    Use paid ads to target people in the high population areas that you speak of
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    • Well I do have a paid version as well, i just teach for free, so they end up paying later when its successful.
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  • There is too much traffic exist on the internet. You can take the help from various sources such as Facebook , Twitter, blog post etc.
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    The best way is to learn from respected pros, then put the advice into action, persistently.
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad at Blogging From Paradise
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    Do not give it for free.
    People have so different attitude to free and paid things(guides, ebooks).

    It's actually impossible that person implement something which can make money if he got the info fro free, but it's different story if he paid money.

    So my advice is just make it paid and not just like for $1 or similar amount, make it minimum $50 or $100, trust me, if you really genuine and legit, you will earn money from customers and both time you will teach peole and change they lives with giving proper business model.
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