How to rank your website in multiple locations with in a country?

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Hello all,

My client is UK based. Their business physical location is in Hounslow, London, UK. Their business website has gained a good ranking on Google. But yesterday, we came to know that the we are not ranking well on the other locations of the UK. If any one searches from the outer areas of London, the website ranking (which shows in 3rd position in London) is showing on 6th or 7th page.

I came across many articles which are saying it is due to their physical location. Can any one elaborate, how can we get the same ranking on other areas as well. What are the effective steps to get ranking in the entire country.

Thanks in advance
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    Hello Babita,
    Google algorithm has a criteria in which local listing is given preference first. According to location the ranking fluctuates. The Possum update ensured that local results vary more depending on the searcher's location.
    Try Classified posting for targeted areas.
    Jessica Mooyman
    Techradius Pty. Ltd.
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    it's about linkbuilding strategy for different languages websites.
    Choose top sites locations and do SEO.
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    Means I have to make backlinks on city or state specific websites of UK?
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    hello babita
    For ranking in different locations, you have to make multiple pages based on different locations and use location-based keywords for your service, then focus on the SEO of your website.
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    There are many factors that can help you to get country-specific ranking of website.
    Keep in mind,each of these tasks needs to be performed for every city that you are optimizing for:

    -Optimize Your Google My Business Listings.
    -Upload unique content to the pages.
    -Manage Your Citations.
    -Use markup to display the address.
    -Configure Google Webmaster Tools for each location.
    -Build Links to Each of Your Location Pages.You can follow Strategy to focus on each of your pages: become sponsor,
    Host events,Start content marketing.
    -When adding content, always make sure that your content is geo specific otherwise place it on the root domain
    or a directory.
    -Managing reviews for each business location is an important key.
    -Perform an Overall SEO Audit.

    So that's the factor that I've used to help many clients with multiple
    businesses rank for highly competitive keywords in different towns and cities.
    Local SEO for multiple locations can be a lot of work to set up and maintain.
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