Clickbank or Ecomerce ?

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I am with clickbank for a good period and i think i should try something like ecomerce .In my mind i think people buy easier psihical products instead of digital courses etc .What advices do you give me ?.THanks
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    That's a hard one to answer.

    Among other things, I do these:

    - Physical Products,
    - Digital Products.

    On the physical product front, I have the largest stock of a certain product in Europe. On the digital front, I sell my own digital products, as well as act as an affiliate for others.

    Now, when you say that you're "with" CB, I'm wondering if that means in an affiliate capacity. If that's the case, then there are some definite advantages of selling your own products:

    - Higher Margins
    - Future Orders
    - Control Over Ads
    - Control Over Product
    - Affiliates

    Of course, along with those advantages, there are some disadvantages:

    - More Headaches
    - Higher Costs
    - Harder to Dip into New Niches

    A few things to consider!

    - Tom

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    I think you should stay with clickbank or other affiliate programs, because I believe there are more advantages with digital products than there are with physical products, such as bigger cash flow, more control over the products you sell/promote and more opportunities of reccuring passive income. But at the end of the day it's your decision, so do what you think is right for you.
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    For me it's clickbank because I'm able to find various offers from hight ticket to front end low and the payment policy suits me as well.
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    There are definitely too many variables to advise either way. Plus, it depends what your short-term and long-term goals are. Are you trying to decide between being an affiliate of info or physical foods? Or are you looking go build a brand around physical goods?

    I chose to build a brand in a large market because that has the highest chances of exiting with a multi-million dollar valuation - in my opinion.

    But obviously, your goals and needs may be different.
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    Yes but I also went into drop shipping had a problem people saying not delivered and also goods damaged when just chucked on the deck. or over a wall. In the end I packed in drop shipping went back to digital goods. But then again others are doing it. so give it a try.
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    I was successfully selling a physical product online (personalised seasonal gifts), from 1999 until 2010 but I am now concentrating of digital products.

    Digital and physical products each have their own positives and negatives. For instance, when working from home I hated having to store stock of physical products, then personalise, package and despatch them, and then have to rely on a usually inefficient postal service to deliver them. But the profits were good and the hard work was well worth the effort.

    For digital products there is no worry about stock but I was depending on SEO for sales. That was good but it can easily be turned upside down when Google decides to change its algorithm. However, the beauty of doing digital products is that you can change course and adapt quickly if that happens and try something else without it costing you a fortune. There are lots of options for digital products.

    I don't think it matters what the product is that you want to sell, it is all about how you go about it, what interests you and how much effort you put into it.
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    Providing customers premium quality physical tangible goods and products is a far more rewarding business model rather than selling some random stuff on Click bank. E-COMMERCE is a great business.
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    Both require more than just offering the product. Digitial products from Clickbank alone aren't going to cut it... you need to offer value, whether that includes blogs and/or articles supporting the digital product vision, or some custom/unique offering in addition to the Clickbank stuff. You need to differentiate. Physical is no different - sure you can create a site pushing a group of drop shipped products but to become successful you need to build a brand through social media (blogs/articles/lifestyle). I do both digital and physical.
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    You can make good money from both click bank & also with E-commerce.

    In E-commerce it need some brand trust for people to purchase.

    Where not every physical product can be sold well. For this you need to put some efforts to test it whether to know do it work or not?

    Always try to sell digital or physical products which has good benefits to users in this way you can help people selling quality and useful items and in the same time you will also earn good money.

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