Discount coupons for Facebook likes/shares/reviews in wine festival?

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Hi guys,

My company will sell wines in a very big wine festival next week.
We recently opened Facebook business page so we don't have many likes (about 300) and reviews (about 4).

We were thinking to promote deal on the event for people that will do like/review/share to our page.

What do you think about the idea?

Do you think it will work?

Did you tried to do anything like and what was the results?

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    Hey Roy,

    Couldn't resist this one: wine-lover here.

    Will the plan work? Competitions can work very well, yes.

    You have to consider what you want.

    One word: exposure.

    Second and third words: quality followers.

    This is what works well for me:

    1. Pin your competition post.

    2. Make it shareable/ infuse with virality.

    3. Offer a chance to win 2 prizes.

    4. Prize 1: Like Page, Like Post, Comment, Share (1 entry into prize draw).

    5. Prize 2: Most Likes on the shared post.

    You cover your bases with that approach, Roy.

    Even people with few friends and limited net-savvy are induced to enter, due to Prize 1, and those with more savvy and friends will be shooting for Prize 2.

    When pushing the competition? It doesn't hurt to mention that they can share your post to their favourite wine groups on Facebook.

    Play it that way, Roy, and you'll have an engaging, shareable piece of media, floating around profiles and groups.

    Best of luck!

    - Tom

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