Clickbank + Google/Bing (Does it actually work in 2018? Struggling to profit!)

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Yo guys, how's it going? I used to post and lurk here back in 2012/2013, so it's been quite a long time! Haha

I'm struggling with Affiliate Marketing + Paid Ads and am hoping to figure out what i'm doing wrong. Just to give you a little backstory on my situation, I have tried Affiliate Marketing 3 times now and failed. I have been successful with my Shopify/E-Com business, I've made nearly 2 Million Dollars in revenue just in the past couple years with Shopify while doing it full-time. But when it comes to Affiliate Marketing, I haven't had any profits ever. I'm really wanting to diversify my income streams, so here I am trying Affiliate Marketing for a THIRD TIME!

For Affiliate Marketing, I choose Clickbank offers, build a Landing Page, and run ads on Google, Bing, or Facebook. I've tried every damn combination you can imagine over the years. I've tried every niche I can think of, dozens and dozens of different products with no profitable results. Spent a few thousand dollars and barely made a few hundred dollars in sales, haha.

Just to give an example, here are some of the funnels I try:

Landing Page > Collect Email > Give Free E-Book or Course > Pitch Product at the end of Course
Landing Page > Info on Solution to their Problem > Direct Link to Product
Landing Page > Review on Product > Direct Link to Product

Whether I promote the product on the front-end or back-end, I have literally no consistent results at all, unfortunately.

So my question is, do people actually make money with PAID TRAFFIC using Affiliate Offers/Clickbank/JVZoo? I can't wrap my head around how anyone can be profitable with these offers when you're using paid traffic and when the products are only $30-$40 commissions.

Lets say you spend $100 on traffic. Lets say your CPC is $1 and your Cost Per Lead is $4-$5 (A lot of niches are that expensive recently). You get 15-20 Leads/Emails and if you're lucky, you might get 1 sale for $30, so you're still at a loss.

I have had Campaigns where I got a decent amount of Leads and my opt-in rate was 30-40%. But a majority of the leads didn't make it through the Email Sequence, and the ones who did open all the Emails just didn't convert into sales usually (If they did convert into sales, it wasn't profitable overall)

And the same story for promoting the product on the front-end, you might spend $100 getting 70-100 clicks directly to your sales page, but if you only get 1 sale for $30, then I mean....??? That's pretty much been the story of my life, haha.

I've tried high-gravity products, low-gravity products, I have tried everything I can imagine when it comes to doing Clickbank with Paid Traffic, and I just have no idea what the issue is.

Has anyone here actually had any success with Clickbank Products + Paid Traffic in 2018? Or is it still just a giant gimmick/hype? It seems like the only time I hear it recommended is from scammy Guru's so they can sell their course, haha.

It seems like most of the successful ways for Affiliate products in 2018 is all Free/organic methods:

1. Ranking videos on YouTube to make $$$ from Adsense + promoting Affiliate products for more profit
2. Building a Blog or Website and ranking it for free using SEO to bring in organic traffic
3. Pinterest, Instagram, and other free methods to grab organic traffic

It seems like everyone recently is building big Youtube niche channels to drive free traffic to their offers, which sounds awesome compared to Paid Traffic, so that's definitely something I might try next since I'm out of ideas.

Anyone have any suggestions? I'd really appreciate it! Sorry for boring you with this crazy long post, haha.
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    To give more info about my actual results....First lets go with selling on the Back-End with Free Bait + Email after the opt-in. Even when my Opt-in rates on my Landing Pages are good (30-50%), good open rates/CTR for my Emails, I still can't get a good profit ratio for my sales from Email sequences once everything is done.

    Same thing for Front-End selling (Landing Page/Review Page > Direct Link strategy). I'll have a good CTR to the LP, decent Cost Per Lead, but not enough sales to make it profitable at the end of the day.

    Recently when I jumped back in, I tried promoting ClickFunnels as apart of Franklin Hatchett's new Affiliate Course. Same story with that too, haha. Ran Google Ads and Solo Ads to it, spent a couple hundred bucks and didn't get 1 ClickFunnels trial and no sales. Nothing against Frank, he's awesome, but I just don't know if these Affiliate Offers are suitable for paid traffic, guys like Frank seem to lean more towards organic/free traffic sources, which makes a lot more sense honestly.

    Right now I'm also testing a new method, I re-created the Sales Page of this Clickbank offer (High gravity offer) and am running traffic directly to my custom Sales Page. I have 4 competitors on Google Ads who are doing this same method (They all made their own sales pages that the Ad links directly to), so I basically took inspiration from their pages to create my own sales page that is very similar but has a cleaner layout with lots of customer reviews.

    Since all of the competitors have been running these same Ads for the past couple weeks, I'm assuming they must be profitable. Trouble is, the keywords they're bidding on are only based on the Product's Title (So there's not a lot of search volume). I first tried running my Ads to broader keywords in this niche with big search volumes, but got eaten alive with high CPC's and it just ate my money within hours.
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    The success of paid marketing depends on many things. Keyword research, product Research, marketplace research, etc. You have a good sense of them. And e-mail collect is the best way. Because you can promote different types of products in the same categories. Which means re-marketing.
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    The part where they are making money is using the email you have collected.

    You will need to follow up on them, give them more value, built relationship / trust before pitching them the products.
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    I also fail hard with paid traffic but i will not give up i am constient that its not easy and its hard until i will find my ungle
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    Hi Gokusaiyan,

    First of all, welcome back.

    Second of all: interesting.

    You have an interesting problem. Though I doubt from your point-of-view it's terribly interesting, more maddening, I'd imagine.

    I was talking about eComm in another WF thread. Perhaps have a quick read of that; call it preface to what follows.

    You clearly know you're stuff.

    On the information I have to go on? My first instinct is to suggest that you need to know your audience better.

    There is really little difference between promoting Click Bank, say, and promoting your own digital or physical products.

    In some cases, there is no difference.

    But you've whacked up $2 million with your own eComm.

    That - to me - suggests that you know that audience better than the audiences for the affiliate products and/ or services.

    It boils down to buttons/ triggers.

    Specifically: knowing which ones to press, and how, when, and where to press them.

    It depends on what affiliate offers I'm promoting at any one time, but I'll have EPCs anywhere from a few cents to several dollars.

    And I push a lot of traffic.

    - Organic, and

    - Paid.

    One of the reasons for my own success in IM (and, specific to this discussion, affiliate marketing) is my decision to work only in marketers where I have a passion.

    You'll find marketers are split in that regard.

    Some will say to follow the money, not the passion; and vice versa.

    Well, for me? I recommend following passion AND money. One of the reasons is what I've already touched on: knowing your audience.

    I began working in IM almost 24 years ago. But there are some markets I won't touch. I wouldn't, for instance, work in the market for attractive blow-up sheep.

    I lack the experience.

    (No no, honestly, I do.)

    It boils down to knowing Joe and Jane Consumer well enough to push the right buttons in order to incite the desired outcome.

    Well, if I myself am a Joe Consumer, in that market, then it immediately gives me a leg-up. Sure, I still have to continue understanding my audience, knowing them deeper and better (which sounds rather rude, but isn't, I promise), but it begins with choosing the right audience - me.

    So! At this stage?

    It does seem to me that you need to learn the triggers. There is no good reason why you shouldn't be earning money. Not if you know the above. It was a very good post and, as I say, you appear to know your stuff.

    The right triggers? How and where and when to use them?

    I'd look into that, mate.

    Best of luck!

    - Tom
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    You do not have a funnel. Direct linking is the absolute best way to lose money in affiliate marketing.

    You need a good ad that promotes the bait..or the free gift in exchange for their email.

    Once they give you the email and opt in send them to a Bridge Page...this is where you have a testimonial of the product you are going to promote along with a bonus if they buy from you.

    For example, If i were to sell 3 Week Diet, a Clickbank product I would give away a free guide related to weight loss...or a video that shows you the top 2 things you can do to jumpstart your weight loss>

    Once they opt-in they would go to my Bridge page where I would have a video testimonial of a user of 3 Week Diet and how it worked for them. Under this I would have a few bullet points of what to expect in the 3 Week Diet program and under this I would have a bonus stating when they buy the program using the link below to send me the receipt and in exchange I will give them a free recipe book (you an find PLR books online and use this as your bonus.) Or if you used the program you could do weekly training via YouTube live.

    From here the go to the vendors page and hopefully buy the product.

    |BUT there is a 97% they will not buy so you need to have a 7-10 email follow up sequence in place. Dont try to sell on every email. Tell a story, offer the solution. Get them to trust you and take interest in your stories.

    You will also want to make sure to retarget the people who landed on your site and get them back>

    Visited site but did not opt in
    Opt in but did not visit vendor page
    Visited Vendor page but did not buy.

    Now you will have to make 10-20 sales before the vendor will place your pixel or code on their site but if you are makind sales for them they will do this!

    This is 100% the best way to be a top affiliate with any product. Getting traffic is easy but getting traffic to buy is not...this is the best solution!

    The real reason you got traffic and opt ins but no sales is you sold the product to did not sell the solution to their problem. You also did not "Bridge" the gap from your ad to the vendors offer...which is why the bridge page with testimonial is so crucial!
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    No doubt, you already understand that there are quite a few variables affecting the success of any offering regardless of the niche. Sometimes you have to test and track each variable separately until you reach the ROI that makes the offer profitable when taking into consideration the cost of your marketing.

    To make matters worse, sometimes you will find two or more variables are at the root of your selling system not producing like it could. Testing then becomes a bit more tricky and sometimes more complicated.

    One thing that I have noticed that is an almost universal roadblock to selling affiliate offers (which I don't normally do, but I notice this from the buyer's point of view) is poor and non-compelling sales copy.

    Let's face it, the sales copy on Clickbank products is all over the place! Often the copy is very poor. You get amateur product creators writing their own copy for their sales letter and it is poor quality, boring, and not at all enticing. And without a great offer + compelling copy, you're not going to get many sales.

    Certainly your problem could be something else . . . but be sure to at least address how well a CB product motivates the prospect with a powerful pitch and call to action. If it doesn't have that, no amount of traffic (even targeted traffic) is going to make much difference in your sales.

    The best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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