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Every site now has push notifications, so there's a market for ads and people has started selling it like with adsense.

Did you try push notification ads for US market? does it work?

Anyone has tried Richpush.co or propeller ads in push notification ads?
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    Hi John,

    I gave a try to Propeller. It sucks. That's it.

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    Anyone runs it with budget under $20/day before? Is it going well?
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    Interesting topic this is,I actually didn't know there were Push notification ads ,Thanks for the share,Looking to learn more from this thread.
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    Originally Posted by JohnVianny View Post

    Every site now has push notifications

    I find this statement quite misleading and, IMO, untrue. Please explain why you say this.


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      Originally Posted by Steve B View Post

      I find this statement quite misleading and, IMO, untrue. Please explain why you say this.


      I agree with Steve. My own sites do not use Push Notification Ads, so I do not spend anything on them. The circles I run in are more about monetizing blog pages with products & services that have a history of sales and we build our lists through those sales, so Push Notification Ads would only deter the visitor from the sale. Now if the blog is only about opinions, etc. and not targeted at ecommerce maybe Push Notification Ads might be be okay, but I say nah.

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    i tried propeller notification ads and it works great for me don't know much about Richpush.co
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    I did PUSH notifications for a while but it delayed load time, distracted my readers and decreased eBook sales. Now I don't worry about getting readers on a list; I focus on getting them their content and my eBooks as quickly as possible. No barriers aka pop ups or sliders. Just content and sales.
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    HQ&direct push notification traffic here.MAD CONVERSION RATIO!!
    -30 millions of subscribed users (Mobile Android)
    -CPM /CPC model only
    Looking for cooperation with company.PM me Pls
    Skype: fredqstech
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    Hey At AdMaven we've been selling Push traffic for the pest 8 months, and US is one of our biggest and highest quality GEO's.

    It's a developing market, and the most stable verticals that are sustainable for the long term is Sweepstakes, Nutra.
    In the end, though it's more about the creative: Image that catches the, a text that is all call to action.
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