Question about EPC programs - sites, advise please!

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Hey warriors!

I was sending some traffic campaigns to some products listed on clickbank, generating high volume of impressions, lower clicks, the CTR some days near 2% and then fall to 1.24% the next day, etc,
I have heard about some affiliate programs who they compensate the marketer in various ways, even if no sales generated, still can earn from the clicks (EPC),
As some friend told me also about earning from impressions too,
I done some search and found some networks, registered in one called rakuten marketing, but I have no any idea what do or where to start etc..

As long paying for traffic and generating some clicks and higher impressions, it would be a good idea to pick some offers that compensate to pay per click, and impressions too, at least to cover the traffic expenses,
Any one experienced with this? have some sources to share? or advises about this? it will be very helpful for newbies to keep going till achieve some success,
Kindly share your idea or relevant experience accordingly,
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