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Here's a little exercise I used to use with my personal training clients.

It works well for business, too.

Take out a piece of paper and at the top, write "Point A".

This is where you are right now, your current business situation.

Write out what you sell, how you make money online, where you get
your traffic, how much you make, etc...

There's no right or wrong answer. Just write down everything you can think of
about your current situation.

Then, on the back of that paper, write "Point B".

This is where you WANT to be.

How much you WANT to make, how you want your business to be set up, how you want your day to look. Write down what you sell, how you sell it, where you get your traffic, etc...

Again, there's no right or wrong... just write down what it would look like if your business was set up the way you want.

Once you're done that, you gotta find a way to BRIDGE that gap.

In other words, you gotta find the actual, concrete steps that move
you from Point A, which is where you DON'T want to be...

To Point B, which is where you DO want to be.

The reason you need to do this?

Well, as I used to explain to my personal training clients... your future
is created NOW.

As in, the things you do right NOW will soon make up your

So if you're not happy with your current situation, you gotta
change what you're doing, or else your future will be the
same thing.

When I would do personal training with clients, I'd help them
bridge that gap from Point A to Point B by showing them
what to do in the gym, how to do it, how much to do,etc..

Then, I'd share the eating and nutrition techniques, the
cardio strategies, and more.

My job as their trainer was to "prescribe" some actual
action steps that moved them from Point A to Point B.

And even in your current business, you gotta do the
same thing.

The ACTIONS you take (or don't take) will determine
your results (or lack of).

What you do NOW will create your future.

So why not start now to create the kind of future you

Again, to get from Point A to Point B, it takes applying
certain knowledge. It takes action steps.

But it's gotta be action steps towards those things that
matter and the things that work.

Decide what you want and then take the necessary
action steps to get there.

The action steps will be determined what your Point B
is, or how you want your ideal business to be set up.

Not everyone will take the same steps.

But, the one thing WE ALL have in common is taking
the action steps and being productive.

Without persistent action towards your Point B, nothing
else matters.

And you should only focus on those things and learn the
skills needed to get you to the Point B that YOU want.

So, I use the same exact exercise with clients that I coach
and train.

I have them decide exactly what they want (Their Point B)

I have them write down where they are.

Then, I help them bridge that gap with the knowledge
and action steps they need to get there.

Nothing else matters.

We monitor results and make tweaks when needed.

But we are always on the path of knowing WHERE
we are going.

That helps reduce overwhelm, confusion, and procrastination.

When you KNOW exactly where you're going, you can be
more productive because you KNOW what steps and actions
are needed.

Most people remain stuck by not doing anything, or doing things
that don't matter and that won't get them where they want
to be.

The cool thing?

Once we've set up their action steps and the things they
need to do to see results, soon it becomes habit and
second nature.

This is when my clients REALLY become productive
because they're always working on THE most important
things that will get them closer to Point B.

They're more energetic because they're working on what
matters and what they KNOW will help them get closer to
where they want to be.

NOT knowing can be draining and tiring, because you're
always trying everything you can, to see what sticks.

Bottom line, growth and successful results come from
DOING, not from comfort.

Taking action on the steps that matter will increase
your productivity and the chance that you reach
your desired outcome and results.

So, ask yourself the same thing I ask my clients...

Is what you're doing RIGHT now the most productive
steps you can be taking, to get you closer to Point B?

If you're not sure, take out that piece of paper and
write down the Points A and B, and then write out the
steps to bridge that gap.

Then, once you have concrete action steps that bring
you from A to B, you can always look at it and decide if
you're taking the action steps that MATTER...

Or are you just staying busy?

Just remember, you create your future.

It's done by SEEING the future you want, and then
putting down the action steps to get you from where
you are...

To where you want to be.

You can create the future you want by bridging the
gap from your current Point A... to the Point B you

It works, trust me.

When you start doing what matters most to you,
and you have the knowledge you need and you take
the action steps required...

You'll soon realize that just about every single area of your life can
be improved this way.
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