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I see people making YouTube explainer videos detailing something on their computer, but they narrate with a cut out of their upper body on top of the screen grab. Wondering how they do this or what software they might use. Anyone know?
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    Screencastify is what I use Mark; it is a Chrome extension buddy.
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    I was wondering about a specific type of video, where the head is cut out and nothing in background. Like this video.

    Anyone know how to do that?
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    It is normally just a combination of green screen techniques with picture in picture.
    Make the screen capture first. Then use a web cam to record yourself narrating while you watch it. Then layer the webcam capture on top of the screen capture. You need a NLE (non-linear editing system) to make that easy. I use Cam Studio for the capture and Sony Vegas for the final editing. The software to use for the webcam varies with the webcam but see if your NLE can use it as a capture device.If not try with VLC.
    I'm omitting how to green screen as there are a lot of on-line tutorials and with a decent background behind where you sit you can save the trouble.
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    As said above.
    You need to make the screen-capture video for the background, and the presenter video using green-screen back-drop.
    Then you combine them in video NLE software like Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, etc and you "erase" the green-screen.
    So, you need to know how to do green-screen technique.

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    OBS is another great software. Best part its free. Just google OBS. then go to YouTube - tons of tutorials. I use it with green screen
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    yeah i also use Screencastify is very intuitive my friend.
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