Do you only market to Americans?

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How many of us internet marketers only market to the USA. We are missing out on so much traffic and sales. 75% of online searches are done in Foreign Languages. If you market to other countries please share which Country works best for you and what are you marketing? i.e Teespring/CPA/Affiliate products/Amazon. Thanks warriors. Oh and my best country was Colombia with Facebook Ads
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    I market to bloggers, said bloggers who speak English. Wherever they pop up on earth, if my message reaches them, I am good.
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    There's internet marketing and then there's paying and budgeting for internet marketing advertising...

    China. Sales: $426.26 billion
    U.S. Sales: $305.65 billion
    United Kingdom. Sales: $82.00 billion. ...
    Japan. Sales: $70.83 billion. ...
    Germany. Sales: $63.38 billion. ...
    France. Sales: $38.36 billion. ...
    South Korea. Sales: $33.11 billion. ...
    Canada. Sales: $24.63 billion.
    Russia. Sales: $17.47 billion.
    Brazil. Sales: $16.28 billion.
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    I only market to tier 1 countries.
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    My buddy Derek owns an eCom biz. He's in a hyper competitive niche. FB Ads are geo-targeted to the USA, after a month he had 68 orders.

    Spent 2-3 days researching other countries and their purchasing behaviours. Had an itchy feeling about geo-targeting Italy. Hired a translator, revamped his Ad creatives.

    A month after geo-targeting Italy, Derek had 544 orders! Which goes to show the biggest bay doesn't always have the most fish. I've noticed if you do the opposite of the herd, success will follow you instead!
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    I certainly wouldn't argue with anything you have to say. But not everyone can rely on an 'itchy feelings.' For those who can afford to do some international testing and experimenting, more power to you.

    And don't forget the type and quality of the product. As the old saying goes, "Your mileage may vary."
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    Originally Posted by ZuReviews View Post

    How many of us internet marketers only market to the USA. We are missing out on so much traffic and sales. 75% of online searches are done in Foreign Languages. If you market to other countries please share which Country works best for you and what are you marketing? i.e Teespring/CPA/Affiliate products/Amazon. Thanks warriors. Oh and my best country was Colombia with Facebook Ads
    No way! WIth that being said, for "free" traffic, I try to get Americans plus other tier 1/2 countries. For paid traffic, I'll go for the cheaper geo's..
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    If you are selling something they can download not a physical product then why not market to other countries. I market to any country who speaks English. Only makes sense to me.
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    I monetize email data using PPL (pay per lead) offers and only market to US.

    For non data monetization marketing, I prefer tier 1 countries. US and UK I have found convert the best.

    However, I do get leads from tier 2 and 3 countries. Tier 2 performs OK, much depends on avg income of the country. Germany sticks out of my mind as being decent.

    Tier 3 converts poorly, to my surprise I still turn a profit from them, but it is very slow.
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    For us it doesnt matter.
    I dont want to sounds bad but one country we exclude and stay away from is India...
    We have a very bad experience with India clients, they want a lot and almost for free
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    Most of the time but also Canada The Uk and Australia Not interested in countries that do not have access to PayPal or other then English.
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    I focus on the English speaking markets but even then try to ensure I understand the cultural differences. The words used in England and Australia for example are different than those in the US and Canada - i.e. lift/elevator, boot/truck, spanner/wrench etc... I can't pretend to understand the markets in different languages well enough to ensure a solid marketing campaign. That said, I don't disagree that there is a world of opportunity. But rather than just simple translation (if that is what you are considering), make sure the context is correct.
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    I live in Australia and, yes, we do speak English. Just because there are some differences in spelling of words, or different words used for some things, there's no need to NOT market to us.

    As a writer and editor, I only work with people who speak and write English. I have had several clients with dyslexia and that's harder to deal with.

    I don't work with, or market to, non-English speakers but the U.K., Canada, New Zealand and the U.S. are the countries where I find my clientele.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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    Just a point of clarification to my note - I do market to the Aussies (lived in Sydney for 4+ years), Brits and Canucks (I am one myself). I do try to adapt the message to the language where possible. Where I struggle is when I market say to Germany (you can see that is my heritage) - culturally they folks very much on quality and capabilities and less on the emotion of the product (I can say that because I lived there a couple of years as well). So the challenge I find is ensuring the message is correct for the market and that I find challenging.
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    I only market to people who speak in english ! wow!
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      Originally Posted by yidabang View Post

      I only market to people who speak in english ! wow!
      You don't see that as a legitimate business model? WOW!!!

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  • I have a couple of products I only market to USA but thats because the shipping costs to anywhere outside USA are so high it makes the products to expensive to market anywhere else. Though if you want to find out what countries are best to market your products, I suggest you separate campaigns for different countries and let the results tell you which countries to keep targeting

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    I think a lot of the times, it depends on what you're marketing. For example, some CPA offers only accept USA traffic. However, if you are selling a physical product, for example, the market may be more open.

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  • I market to a worldwide audience, albeit those who speak English. I do speak some Portuguese... maybe I'll build out into the Brazilian market.

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    I market to the English-speaking world, which fortunately, happens to be the biggest as I have had many buyers who come from NOT just English-Speaking Countries such as the well known Australia and such. But also two major European countries- France and Germany as well. I don't think many of us here are limited to just the US market?? Unless, if you are selling physical goods, then that's another story~
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    Yes, it's too expensive to ship outside of the U.S. so really no sense in marketing to anyone I can't sell to.
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    It makes sense to market to US.

    They are the best buyers.
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    It depends where your market is.

    There are so many lucrative countries out there, which vast majority of marketeers don't even approach.

    A lot of marketeers just buy into the tier 1, tier 2 stuff without really testing themselves.

    But there is plenty of $ to be made from untapped countries whose populace is just beginning to phase into this whole online marketing space.
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    It depends on your products, where they ship from and how heavy/bulky they are. For most of our dropshipping sites, we only sell to the U.S. because that's where our suppliers are and the cost of shipping is sky-high to ship anywhere else - even Canada - and the delays caused by customs creates a never ending string of "where's my order?" emails that we do not have time to deal with.

    Because most of our sites sell high-ticket products, we offer financing on those sites and the finance companies will only approve people who live in the U.S., so that is a major factor, as well.

    We do have some websites that use the AliExpress model which has pretty cheap shipping to practically anywhere and for those sites, we ship to the U.S., Canada, U.K., Southern Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.
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    Dont focus on only Americans.

    You can focus on english speaking countries if you dont know other languages.
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    You focus on delivering the right message to the right people.

    Diversity of ethnicity is the best thing that can happen to a business.
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    No I market to other countries, but they must speak english. Otherwise they won't understand the sales pitch and products.
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    If you are selling digital products the shipping costs are irrelevant. I have a list above of the countries that spend the most online.That's one guide. There are variations. Do your own search for "who spends the most online?"

    You can certainly test and, of course, keep trying until you find the right combination for your budget and your products.

    Please keep in mind that a U.S. or Canada preference (along with a few others) is not nativism. It's just an economic reality that has been proven to be a useful budgeting guide. But it is worth repeating: "Your mileage may vary."
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