What's UR Favorite iPhone Application?

by Jason Moffatt 4 replies
So I became a iPhone convert yesterday.

I had no idea what I was missing. Blogged about it on my blog for anyone who is interested in the ramble.


I'm curious, what are your favorite applications for the iPhone?

So far, I've only downloaded...

Guitar Toolkit
Pocket Guitar

Warriors, what am I missing that is a "must have" for internet biz and such?

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    Welcome to the incredibly productive world of an iPhone user!

    I LOVE my iPhone... a few apps I like:

    Ambiance - helps me get to sleep since I can't stop strategizing about my business!

    Jott - records voice notes and transcribes them for you

    Files - share/store files like a USB key

    NetNewsWire - RSS reader
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      I have the touch:

      My Daughter loves to run around the house playing Pocket Guitar.

      My 1 year old son loves to play Crash Kart.... though he does not seem to get very far on the track ;-)

      I think crash cart, enigmo, and Funky Punch are the best games.

      I also like:


      And I like the concept of Whitenoise but there are only two good tracks on there the beach and the crickets... they need more.
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    Shazam is officially the most impressive thing ever.

    Also, iDrum is really neat if you're into making beats.

    Oh, and Now Playing is super useful.
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    * Evernote Evernote for iPhone
    * Wordpress plugin ttp://iphone.wordpress.org/2008/07/10/wordpress-for-iphone/
    * PayPal - check your balance or send money
    * 1Passwd - keep track of your web logins, and private notes http://www.1passwd.com



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