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Hello guys

i just finished from a project that i was working on for a client .

its an youtube auto uploader bot

what it does
it create videos from pictures and every video that it upload is unique with title and random description and tags and it supports multi account and proxies

i just want to know,what can you do with this bot to help you make money.

promote Cpa amzon offers ect... or somthing eles

Thank you,
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    More specific and completed/detailed features of your software would help to find what it can do for marketers!

    At this point, the only thing how it would help us to make money is by re-selling it to Youtube newbies as PLR product with a perfect copy writing!

    Hope it helps.

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    • Thank you superowdi and really appreciate your help

      More details>>
      you give its a number of images and descriptions and tags and every one of those must be unique so the bot choose randomly from it
      let me explaine more, you give it 5 txt files of tags and descriptions and every video get uploded it choose randomly from those txt files.
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    There are some browser extensions which are provide youtube upload.
    And it's much more convenient than to install any program.
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    • Thank you rob

      is this browser extensions support multi accounts and proxies and create unique videos from images ???
      or it just upload your video
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