How do I promote my youtube channel?

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Hello Guys.
This is my first post on WF. So, please don't go hard on me :-)

My question to the experts here is: I own a youtube gaming channel. How and where do I promote my channel? I have tried the regular social channels. That is not helping out.
Thanks for the help.
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    Hello Cindy,

    There's some gold on this page, if you do just half of these you should see some nice results -
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      Thanks Nick. I will check this out.

      This is a cool idea. I will give it a try. Thank you Michael.

      I have tried this but I guess I need to promote my blog first :-D
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    Welcome to the forum

    Break up your video into smaller chunks of micro-content.

    Shorter clips, quotes for memes / images, etc.

    Use these small pieces of content as teasers for your main video - upload them to FB, post in groups, tweet them, Instagram etc.

    From one video you have multiple pieces of content, all pointing back to your main vid (or email list, seriously, build a list... the future version of you in 18 months time is gonna be thankful that you did).

    Then take the main vid, extract the audio and use it as a podcast.

    Now have it transcribed and used as a blog post.
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    try creating a blog and link it to your channel.
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      Oh, I see. If you have facebook, you may want to try "pages", you can post there and also have the option of boosting your post to reach more users.
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    Are you ranking for any keywords and getting views? If not, start with learning to select keywords and basic Youtube SEO.

    An important thing to remember about ranking on YT is that keywords generally relate to relevancy. And engagement will factor into ranking.

    For example, videos may rank for a keyword phrase. YT will look at those videos and see which get the most watch time and which keep viewers on YT watching more video the most.

    In other words, YT will often rank a new video based mostly on relevancy so they can get some data about that video. For that new video to maintain (or improve) it's ranking, people have to watch more of it than other videos using similar keywords. Basically, you need to be smart when selecting keywords while making videos people want to watch.
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      SEO is something I have always failed to decode. Thanks for dumbing it down for me.
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      • There's a bunch of blogs out there that break it down really nicely for beginners! Try Neil Patel or Hubspot.

        Besides SEO and social media I would suggest looking for specific communities around the web that will be interested on your Youtube channel. Facebook groups or forums dedicated to gaming that you can be a part of and help out others while also sharing what you have to offer!
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    I'd comment on other YouTube videos within your niche Cindy. Retweet these posts. Connect with these video peeps, asking how you can help them.

    Make as many friends as possible in your niche. Awesome way to grow your channel. Give. Receive.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    I own a youtube gaming channel
    No, you don't. YT owns it and while I'm not trying to be a downer, it's something you need to keep in mind.

    Five or six years ago I had a very lucrative YT gaming channel nuked because people were fighting in the comments on my videos.

    "Your channel causes too much discontent in the YT community." - Youtube

    I suggest you keep copies of all your vids along with your tags and description so you can quickly rebuild if needed.

    I also suggest you moderate comments. I've seen gamers generate more hate than religious or political topics. Best to protect yourself from the start.

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      Brent.. That's pretty intense! :-) You are right we keep forgetting that we are just content creators and we own just the content.

      Are you rightly pointed out, moderating comments is something I did not care for long. I need to start doing that religiously!
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    Hey Cindy,

    First off, the gaming niche is supersaturated so it is hard than most niches. If you can come up with video topics for games that don't have a lot of content yet you can get rankings easier. Maybe try covering games that are still underground but might take off soon.

    If you haven't already, Try the TubeBuddy chrome extension. They have a free version you can start with. With it, you can get keyword ideas for your videos and see how they are ranking. You can also see your competitor's videos and see what they are ranking for. It has helped me a lot. Use your keywords in the title and the description.

    I also get a lot of traffic from posting my videos in Reddit and niche forums. This takes some time and be careful not to seem like you are self-promoting.

    Hope this info helps!
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      Thanks dout. I will the TubeBuddy. I have also found another interesting forum called Drummitup .
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    Perhaps advertising on popular games forums such as gamefaqs
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      Thanks Walterbl. I will give it a try.!
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    1. Create consistent, high quality, unique content. The gaming niche is very saturated, so you'll need to stand out, and essentially be your own unique brand in a sense. Connect with your audience as well. Viewers like to know that their viewership means something.

    2. Collaborate with others in the community. Ask them about what has been working, and you can even try to get in a video together and cross-promote each other. (once you've had somewhat of an audience built)

    3. Invest in YouTube Ads. Only submit your best, highest quality content, because first impressions are everything in an ad.
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      I did invest a bit on YouTube Ads. I guess you need a bigger purse for this. I tried our channel as well. Drummitup worked out cheaper for me.

      Anyway thanks for the suggestion Nicolas!
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  • Create great video titles,Description and tags.
    Create clear and compelling YouTube thumbnails.
    Fill out as much information on your YouTube profile
    Shear your channel on social media.
    Advertise your YouTube channel.
    Promote your YouTube channel on your blog.
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    How? Create contests.
    Where? Gamers Forum.

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
    . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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    I think it's possible only when creating something truly unique.
    Good luck with great ideas!
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    1. Build an email list
    2. Promote your channel with PPC
    3. Give away a freebie, such as an eBook to build up your list
    4. Create a Facebook group for your herd (following)
    5. Consider guest posting on some different gaming blogs
    6. Form strategic alliances with others YouTubers in the same niche

    I hope that helps.
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    There a lot of ways to promote youtube channel . some effective ways are below:

    Make sure your keyword in Title with a LSI
    Use two three times the main keyword in description
    Use keyword and LSI in tag

    Use social link in description
    Make some links
    Keep doing posting and sharing in social Media for month.

    So enjoy the result. Best of luck!
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    There are a few ways to do so.

    Engage with your viewers.
    Answers and reply them. Thank them or just simply like their comment.

    Social media
    But since you said that this doesn't work, then you must have used it in the wrong way. Before you promote your channel in social media, you should find an audience first. Let say you use Facebook. But if you have no followers it would be meaningless would it? So gather your audience first. It takes time to be successful. It is not an overnight thing.

    Before uploading, you should think about your title of your video first. Insert keyword in your title.
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    Here's an idea:

    Create an info-tainment style video. This is basically an ad that informs and entertains. Make it share worthy, and ask your friends and circles to share it.

    These are trickier to make, but when done right, can really go viral.

    Also, perhaps do an ad swap with other channel "owners"?

    Then look for other networks where you can also share your videos.


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      Originally Posted by Jim Symonds View Post

      Here's an idea:

      Create an info-tainment style video. This is basically an ad that informs and entertains. Make it share worthy, and ask your friends and circles to share it.

      These are trickier to make, but when done right, can really go viral. did this with Mike Dawes and Jake Allen to promote their acoustic guitar amp. No words spoken, only great guitarists playing. Mike Dawes is probably one of the top 10 guitarist in the world. If you haven't seen it, it's worth watching

      It's a great ad.

      Don't get so wrapped up in making money that you forget the important things in life.
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    Social shares, keywords, tags and backlinks are the important factors for ranking the youtube channel.
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    There are many ways to promote your youtube channel, but these few tips i think are the best ones.

    1. make your channel seo optimized. These are most important ranking factors:
    Title tags. Description tags. Length of videos. Comments. Likes.

    2. Create a youtube brand. Branding is very important. You should add an few seconds long intro with your logo or any text and use the same into on every video you create. Outro is also powerful thing, you should add this too at the end of your videos.
    Also you can create a blog and intergrate your youtube channel into blogs.

    3. Thumbnails is also very important. Spend more time preparing and creating a good looking and eye catching thumbnail.

    4. Fill up your youtube profile as much as possible. Include contact links too.

    These just a few methods out of hundreds. I think best would be to google it as there are tons of useful info about your question.

    Hope it helps.
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    Best way is through youtube ads itself just bid low and start gradually
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    if you have just started you can share link of your channel in whatsapp groups about youtube and there are also some facebook pages you can also ask a ranked youtuber for shoutout or you can pay youtube to promote it
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    YouTube is the second most-visited site on the web, with more than 1.9 billion active monthly users. Mastering it is a must for any digital marketer.

    Create thumbnail images that draw viewers in.
    Give your videos irresistible titles.
    Use search keywords that show mostly video results from Google.
    Include calls to action.
    Make sure you're allowing people to embed your videos.
    Cross promote your YouTube channel like a pro.
    Create playlists
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    Growing your channel can be a slow process but I would like to list down some things which can speed up this process of growing on YouTube. The first thing you should do before the promotion is optimize your channel and your content first. You should have a social media presence linked to your YouTube channel. If you don't, do that. When you release a new piece of content, send out a blast on all of your social media profiles. Let everyone know about it.
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    Include a call to action
    Engage with the viewers by responding to them.
    Give your title a good title.
    Use a search keyword.
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    I have found that links on other relevant platforms, is a good place to start.
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    Share your video link in social media which drives more users to your channel.
    Use attractive thumbnails and titles.
    Include a call to action.
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    You can promote your YouTube channel by writing an engaging and must-see killer title for your videos that will grab the attention of your potential viewers. Figuring out what your audience want is also significant when it comes to promoting your YouTube channel. Other effective ways to promote your YouTube channel includes optimizing up your YouTube SEO, picking the best video thumbnail and building playlists among others.
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    Promoting your YouTube channel is a long term process but there are some smart ways to accelerate your growth. For example, you could share your YouTube video on social media, your blog or a website. Get people clicking on your video and bring them back to your channel.
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  • Try to avoid making videos from photos. People would never watch a video of 2-3 minutes made from photos. There are local lads making professional videos for very reasonable rates. 2-3 good videos posted all over the social media, will do a lot of good
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    Try to rank your individual videos for your specific niche first. I've done this method for clients and their channel grew
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