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Hi everyone..

I own a swimwear brand

I have a few targets i would like to get and must built an IG plan , and I would like to get help:

1. how do i define the best #hashtags for me to use in my content? I already read about a few ways but how can I define the exact hashtags that will actually bring me followers and new costumers and not other swimwear brands? my main purpose is to expose the account

2. Is there any way to get access for specific people in my niche? for example the most active users and most interested in swimwear ? I would like to comment and like this people content to do an organic marketing 2 hours a day..

3. Is there any automatic tool you would recommend to automate likes for my followers only ? in order to keep up engagement with them

4. Is there any way to "steel" my competitors followers? and to see who are their most active users?

5. What is the best way to define my audience?

6. Any other ideas to get traffic into my site?

7. easy tools to manage my IG account and get good data to use for improve my work

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    The first thing you need to do is define your average customer. Who are they, what is their age, do they go to school, do they have a job, how much do they earn ? You need this info before you begin your journey.

    Write it all down and give your average customer a name as well writing down what they would do in an average day.

    Once you have your customer avatar it will be easier to figure out where these people hang out and what they like.

    Also I would recommend starting at least 2 instagram accounts. Reason being, working on 2 -3 accounts at the same time does not take much more effort than one.

    A back up account is handy if your main account ever gets hacked or even banned. Also a second account is good for experimenting and trying new strategies as well as possibly having a different target audience.

    I personally stay away from automation tools for IG,

    Good luck!
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      The first thing you need to do is define your average customer. Who are they, what is their age, do they go to school, do they have a job, how much do they earn ? You need this info before you begin your journey. - Hi dave! I already know who are my costumers to be.. but the thing is where can I find information about where to find them? Iv'e already tried some gropus , formus, doesn't seems to work..
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    I would like to answer question #1: We should use hashtags that are suggested from Instagram search because of highly volume search.
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    1. You can find the best hashtags to use by using ones that other successful accounts in your niche are using.

    2.You can get very targeted traffic from Facebook still. The most 'interested' people would be the people that actually follow you. Because why else would they follow a swimwear account if they weren't very interested in your brand.

    There are other places where your audience may be residing as well, such as travel accounts and fashion accounts. If you can get into contact with these accounts, some will let you promote you own account to their audiences via promotional post.

    4. By "steal" do you mean gain their following and they unfollow other accounts in your niche? Because if so, here is no way to take a follower/customer completely away from another account, unless they choose to unfollow them. Otherwise you can take some of the same followers other similar accounts have by using the same hashtags as they do, by utilizing the method detailed above in #2.

    5. This depends on what your end goal is. Are you trying to make sales? Build your brand? Build an email list? What age group finds your brand most appealing? Should you only focus on coastal residents? There are things you must decide.'

    6. Blogs w/ banner ads or guest posts, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads,Instagram ads, Niche-related Instagram account promotional posts,
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      Originally Posted by nicolasmd2112 View Post

      1. You can find the best hashtags to use by using ones that other successful accounts in your niche are using.
      That is exactly what I was going to propose.

      I guess great minds think alike

      The average person puts only 25% of his energy and ability into his work. The world takes off its hat to those who put in more than 50% of their capacity, and stands on its head for those few and far between souls who devote 100%.
      -Andrew Carnegie

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  • 1. Check out your strongest competitors on IG and see what hashtags they are using, and search to see the ones with the most traffic.

    2. For this one, you need to have a very clear idea of who your customer is - I would suggest developing personas as a kick start. Influencers are everywhere on IG, especially those related to fashion and beauty. The biggest names are a good place to start - if you check the comments you'll find even more people who are interested in fashion/swimwear and you can also follow them/engage with them.

    4. You'll steal them if your product is superior, and that's that! But you can start by checking out who follows them and follow them back, message them, comment on their page. If these people are big enough/strong follower base, maybe consider some influencer marketing on IG.

    5. See number 2.

    6. I would again suggest influencer mkt for your business and maybe some other socia media channels.

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  • hey there,

    I think that mainly you are on the right track, if you have done market research and know the type of user your looking for it's a good start.

    Now you need to identify who are you direct competitors on IG and who are the influencers on IG for your niche (not the same thing).

    Understand how they post, what they post, how frequent they post, what hashtags they use. Build yourself a spreadsheet about this and try to copy them progressively. First the smaller competition and all the way up until you become an influencer.

    Bringing people to your website is "easy" if you are willing to invest, like promos, challenges....

    Regarding follow/unfollow app, I am a bit biased but the one I use is good, it's helping me grow on some accounts 150+ day and others, bigger ones, 300+day.

    Feel free to reach out to me if you questions.

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    Hi there
    First of all in very simple words we knows abut the Instagram..Instagram is a greatest platform to getting the traffic, Check out your strongest competitors on Instagram and see what hashtags they are using, and search to see the ones with the most traffic. This make Instagram a highly competitive network,

    However, success for brands on Instagram takes more than publishing attractive images--it is the product of thoughtful strategy, a well-defined brand identity grounded in visual creativity and effective community management.

    When we using the network of Instagram understand what they post, how the post, not frequently using the post. You can find the best hashtags and using the significant roles.
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    First and foremost you should create your own hashtag for your brand and company. You need to constantly posts on Instagram each time using your company hashtag followed by these popular hashtags for swimwear:
    #swimwear #bikini #swimsuit #summer #fashion #beach #model #bikinis #beachwear #swimming #bikinigirl #bikinimodel #bikinilife #love #swim #body #bikinifitness #jualbikini #bikinimurah #ootd #vintageswimwear #fitness #bathingsuit #pool #beauty #bikinigirls #style #beautiful #bikiniaddict #bhfyp
    There's more here Hashtags for #swimwear on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr |

    Make sure you follow everyone that likes your posts. And have a quality website you can link them to once they go to your Instagram page.
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    I've also started an IG acc recently, and want to share some tips I had found through the web and implemented myself. First of all, as it has been said earlier, you should deeply examine your target audience. Then find them on IG and check where do they reside. I took 20 people and checked what things they have in common. It allowed me to find more public accounts containing my target audience.
    Once you have 10-15 posts on your acc, start liking and following your target audience. You might use some tools to do it, but I just prefer doing it manually, so I learn more about my potential customers. Yeah, you also should engage with the followers of your competitors.
    Make sure you have good profile bio: describe your brand in a few words, add a unique selling proposition, and a call-to-action. Use the most relevant hashtags, don't stuff with irrelevant ones. You can find them either just using search or checking your competitors. Use your brand hashtag. Show testimonials (you can make some fake ones at the beginning), and post stories regularly.
    If you follow these simple things, you'll definitely catch the attention of your target audience. Just don't use bots to increase the number of followers, it won't help at all.
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