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by v3nge
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So, I do Facebook advertising, but the clients I'm currently getting through Upwork aren't very good quality. I want to get some businesses that are actually making money, as clients.

Does anyone know how legally sound it is, in the US, to run ads and collect leads for say a dental office, for example, offering a free teeth cleaning, but doing so before I even have a dental office as a client and then use the leads as bait to get a client.

I'm not sure if that would be breaking any FTC regulations or laws. I know you can't give me professional legal advice, but I'm sure someone here has more knowledge about this stuff than I do.

Thanks in advance!
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    You want offer a free service you are neither trained nor licensed to do.

    You advertise a 'freebie' you know you can't provide....someone signs up and you find a dentist and say...what....

    'I have a customer who wants his teeth cleaned for free?'

    Yes, I believe you might be in violation of several trade and medical laws.
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    Dry testing is a dicey area. Some say that you're ok if no sensitive information is collected. Others say placing a mere ad puts you at risk of legal consequences.

    I have dry tested for lead generation in a safer industry (home contractors) and just counted the calls to a phone line. No offer was presented. I'm not offering advice on whether this was a legally safe approach.
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    Yeah, I figured as much. Glad I asked, I wouldn't want to do anything risky. Thanks for the help!
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    Generally, if you're given the permission of the lead to collect their information,and notify them that they will be contacted by another party (and they agree to this), it should be Ok. However, since you're targeting a medical field there are undoubtedly liability, and privacy violations that would be committed. But then again, why would you want to generate leads in a market that you have yet to see if anyone would pay you for them? Seems like backwards logic to try to generate leads for a buyer who you have yet to find.
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