Site that focuses on one specific genre within an industry, versus site that contains multiple

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Hi there,

First time poster here so you've both my preemptive thanks and preemptive apologies for any answers directed my way and any repetition I'm potentially hitting you with on an already asked question.

At any rate, I'm a photographer currently working on my seo. The thing with photography is, there are about a billion different genres within it. I specifically make the most of my revenue doing headshots, portraits, and event photography.

I've noticed many photographers will start separate sites for each individual genre they're involved in ( etc.

I'm going to make a huge push this year towards getting first-page ranking with headshot photography, but I already have fifth page ranking with event photography for my current domain As far as the event photography keyword goes, fifth page ranking was achieved with little to no effort and in fact I didn't even know it was there until I started looking into SEO.

And so my thinking is that with a little focus I could get that on the first page as well in my area.

At any rate, headshot photography is the primary focus, so can I successfully optimize my page for both genres, or should I branch off my event photography into a separate domain and have the two focus separately on one or the other.

Basically, is someone going to have an advantage over me if their site only focuses on one topic, whereas mine may focus on two.

My current site age is about 3 years, and so I'd prefer keeping the two together on the same domain, as starting a new one entirely gives the domain a very young age and obviously involves much more time, as I'd be starting from scratch, from an SEO standpoint.

Once again, thanks in advance
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