What Has Been The Most Valuable Lesson You Have Learnt In IM?

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Hi Guys,

I was just wondering as the post title suggest "What has been your most valueable or rewarding lesson since you started internet marketing?".

For me it has definately been to not wait to take action.

It can be very easy to sit back and think I will do that tommorow or what I used to do was read up on lots of information and not take the next step and follow through.

Since I have made a point of taking action I have found that I have had far better results.

What's Yours?

All the best

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    Don't give up. Keep on pushing forward whether you make some money or you don't. Anything and everything can be learned if you just keep trying things over and over again.
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      That all you need to do is:

      1. Find/create a product to sell/promote

      2. Create a quality web presence that converts

      3. Attract targeted traffic

      4. Build a list

      5. Measure results, and keep trying to improve them

      And if you want, rinse and repeat.



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    My lessons are threefold that led to one big success:

    1. There is money to be made in Internet Marketing.

    2. You have to stay focused.

    3. Hitch your wagon to one guru and do everything s/he says!

    Many folks here know my story. I was totally broke last December. I entered the Internet Marketing field out of desperation (I had no income and thousands of dollars of monthly bills). I bought two eBooks from gurus, followed their lessons step-by-step and the money started pouring in.

    This was not without work. I was so afraid of not succeeding that I didn't allow my head to turn to the right or to the left. I wrote from morning and into the night. But the result of this was being down to $20 on December 4th to making more than $12,000 in just over five weeks . . .

    I am forever grateful. I am still learning . . . and now working on creating other Internet income steams.

    I hope the best for everyone reading these words!
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    The most important thing I have learned is the difference between

    Want and Need

    Once you learn that, you can learn how to sell both.
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    Success leaves clues.
    See what the truely successfull people are DOING (not always the same as what they SAY they do) and emulate them. But this is just the starting point. From there, test everything - take nothing for granted and do not blindly follow 'common knowledge'.

    and of course - take action. analysis paralysis is too easy to succumb to. Everything does not need to be perfect before you get started. To overcome this, I purposely picked a niche I wasn't overly excited with and used a pen name. This let me easily put my ego aside and expirement and learn.

    Don't go for 'the big score' overnight. I set goals a month out, several months out, a year out. And they aren't always monetary goals.. my goals are along the lines of a) research/test some new niches, b) start building a list in a new niche c) develop a backend product for a niche... and so forth.

    The basics work. There's a handfull of well known approaches. Whether article marketing, review sites, content sites, squeeze pages, and so on - the info you need is easily available. So don't get caught up trying to find 'secrets'.

    You don't have to have something better then everyone else in order to compete.

    You are chosing to go into SELLING and PROMOTING. You better be comfortable with that. If you think 'sales' is a bad word, your going to have a much more difficult time.

    Instead of crying about the guru's, learn from them.


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