Where do you build backlinks to? Your EZA article, Your Website, Your Sqidoo profile?

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Every month when I get Angela's packets, I'm torn where to point them to.

Where do you point them to?
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    Your website ... Then your 2ndary blog that points to your website ... Then your rss feeds which lead to your website...

    Notice all of the "YOUR" words...

    Build your website first before giving backlinks to other websites..

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      I point all mine to my landing page/squeeze page (whatever you want to call it)

      This then allows me to gain their email address which I use for my email marketing stratergy where I then in my signiture show them links to my main blog and other sites.

      This technique works well, I guess if i pointed them to my blog I would come out with not much unless they decided to pot in there (but theres much less chance they will)

      Please read the sig file rules

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        Thanks Rich and Scott...

        Really helpful

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