Method to generate 100 dollars per day with Adsense

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Hello, dear friends of the forum. I want to show you how I managed to generate $ 100 dollars a day with Adsense.

In 2012, I suffered a terrible blow from Google on a website that generated about $ 500 per month with pure organic visits from the search engine.

As a result, I started earning only a few cents per day because my website went to the bottom of the search engine.

I dedicated myself to generate income through the sale of digital products and enter into affiliate marketing.

Last year I decided to try again to generate income with Adsense, but this time without doing any SEO to not depend on Google.

As they say, that content is king; I started a blog in a very profitable niche and dedicated myself to writing an article per day. The article should contain more than 2,000 words.

Write articles about good content. Articles, that are very long. It was a goal that I proposed to myself to show that you can position a blog without doing SEO or just doing SEO on page.

Method to make money with Google Adsense

1) Publish 5 articles per week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) Saturdays and Sundays break.

2) Perform SEO On page, create internal links and have a normal blog structure

This blog at 4 months was already getting 4,000 unique visits per month

3) Do not do link building (yes, without doing link building) do not waste time with this, it is preferable to waste time writing good content.

NOT, I have NOT bought or searched competitor links, I have not posted links in forums etc., I have not worked on links strategy. HOWEVER, if I have links, I have received several very good ones, by the way.

4) You must work hard. Work, work and work

Well, the truth is, it is a lot of work, I think it is worth the effort. Do not you think that making $ 3,000 a month is a good reward for your effort? I think so. it is worth it.

5) Start with a single blog

I recommend you start with one BLOG. Because once you know how to generate money with a blog, in the future you will be ready to create more blogs.

6) Focus on long tail words

The basis of the project is to focus on long tail with searches, but with nothing or almost nothing of inalltitle competition to be able to take visitors as soon as possible.

If you find that, a long tail has only 50 or 100 searches within your niche. I recommend that you do not despise it create an article for that long tail.

A long tail keyword will take you many more visits than the tool shows you.

Since a long phrase is not only positioned for it in itself but for many variables of itself and this will generate many daily visits with that keyword that you were probably going to despise.

That is it, after 6 months you will have a blog that generates hundreds of dollars a day.

I hope to be helpful.

If you have any questions, you can ask here, so I will try to answer
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