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Hi guys i hope i can get some help here

I was wondering if anyone has tried clockbank solo ads?

I hope to get some answers

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    Is this what you are referring to?

    With "GuaranteedSoloAds.com" you'll get guaranteed unique clicks, guaranteed optins/subscribers, 100% Tier 1 email and traffic that starts on the same day as purchased
    Here is the claim:

    OCT 2018 Special - Get 200+ Clicks 40+ Optins - Sales Guaranteed $20.00
    I haven't tried them but I am very skeptical of the $0.10 per click delivering much in the way of quality.
    Of course, I could be wrong, but for $20 I fully intend to give them a test. I've spent much more on tests that never generated a single penny of return.

    The biggest problem I have with this offer is the "guaranteed" sales. How can you guarantee sales without even knowing the offer. Maybe I'm selling $200 products, can you guaratee me sales from a $20 solo ad sight unseen?

    I intend to find out!

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    Did it work for someone?
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    it didn't work for me i tried three different ones.
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    I'm wondering the same, I see those great testimonials on FB groups and so on.. but never tried it before... hope to get some real insights here!

    merry christmas!
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    I dont think I would Go for it personally. I would stick to Udimi or another more trusted source.
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    I tested several. Don't work. Traffic is questionable. Save your money.
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    I have extensively tested the clicks you refer to from the vendor at Clickbank and please take my advice and do not waste your money or time.
    There are reputable sources right here in this forum and on Facebook who usually give you what they promise. As always do your due diligence.
    If your offer is good and targetted to MMO then Udimi is where I get results.
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    I'm sure you're talking about GuaranteedSoloAds.com if so then I would use them to test an offer as it only cost $20. If you get results use them again and scale, if not never use them again. I personally spend around $80 when I am buying from a vendor for the first time to test, you can use them at first to test your offer, that way you'll have no doubt in your mind what they're like, whether they're a good fit and whether to use them again or avoid them.

    I haven't seen too many positive reviews about them only on their website, however, they do claim to provide 100% tier one traffic which is meant to be the highest quality of traffic you can get.....ummm for $20 I wonder about the quality.

    The question is how many clicks do they give you for $20? I guess there's only one way to find out....try them - one person's results using them may not necessarily be yours, especially if your have a different offer - they do offer a complete refund.

    What I do find interesting is that they offer you a second solo ad for free if you do not get any sales and if after that you don't get sales they will refund your money!

    To be honest, $20 is not much to test tier one traffic and if you're looking to find a good vendor you are inevitably going to have to spend some money to find one. Unfortunately, there's no way around it....

    I don't think you have much to lose by trying them, especially if they are guaranteeing you another solo ad for free if you do not get any sales and a refund. There's little to no risk on your end...

    For me personally, I have had success using facebook solo ads and Udimi. You'll find with these that you can clearly check out their testimonials for how reputable they are especially Udimi where every vendor is verified.
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    Solo Ad Sellers rarely use one or a few sources.

    They use every platform available to them.

    As such a Clickbank Solo vendors will surely be on Udimi too...and most other places.

    Profits I've witnessed myself and hundreds of others utilizing Solo Ad Sellers is nil. Many proven to send traffic sent from autosurf programs.

    Be sensible with your business and spend time netowrking with people in your area of business. Media buys too.
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    If it sounds too good to be true..... I forgot how this quote ends.
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