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by JL Melvin 4 replies
Ok - my main site that is earning some online income is currently getting over 250 sign-ups a month for my free giveaway.

I put the offer up in June and as of today I have 1100 names and emails.

This is where I'm stuck on what to do. Currently, I created the site using SBI's SiteSell and am happy with it except for the fact I can't send out blast emails to my list.

I can create a 7 letter autoresponder to follow-up, but after that there's no more emailing, unless I do it manually.

Here's what I'm thinking of doing...

Getting a GetResponse or Aweber account and uploading all of my leads to that account where I can email them on a regular basis (total leads in all just over 2000).

The leads all came from my resume writing / career search website. I haven't tried to sell them on anything esle - like throwing away their resumes by starting their own business.

What would you do? Any advice would be appreciated. Am I on the right track with getting an autorsesponder to upload these leads?

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