Can I Out-Rank Big Websites For Keywords If Their Articles Suck?

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I'm on the 1st page of google looking at the results for the keyword "What causes social anxiety" and know that I can create an article that is at least 10X better than all of them...

But my website is only 2 years old and dont have much autority...

There's only 3 blogs (from bloggers) that are on the first page, the rest are all monster websites like healthline and webmd...

Worth the try?
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    I'm no SEO expert but if you use a tool like KW Finder then you should be able to gain some insight into the keywords you're targeting.

    This keyword gets 1,544 searches per month and is rated as a 27 (still easy) - according to KW Finder.

    Looking at who ranks 5th for this keyword... their DA is 35 and their PA is 21.

    So, yes I'd say you could certainly rank for this keyword. But, it will still depend on your ability to promote your content and acquire backlinks - not just your ability write about the subject.
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    The thing about SEO is that there are no guarantees. Quality has its virtues, but you can still be up one day and down the next. I would take the attitude that I have something to say and, even if only one other person reads it, I have been of benefit.
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    No. Google favours media giants these days. Look at the Daily Mail. They publish stuff full of errors, but it still ranks well.

    All they need to do is find keywords people are talking about and they can usually outrank the original sources. Not that they seem to ever link to original sources.
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    I think if you wanna go to top with this keyword, you must need quality content and quality backlinks.
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    The more rare the keywords, the more chance a "regular joe or jane" has to be far up in the search rankings. Also, it is very important as to whether the people who click on your first place link actually stay and read the article (and/or others) since google and others are following them around. If they clicked on it and quickly left, it would be down ranked.
    Google has changed a lot - much of it for the worse. They tend to value prolific and updated content more than how well the content is written and curated. In other words, given two blogs - one writes incredible articles 3X a month and the other 3X per week, the second one may have an advantage. This has created a "gotta post new articles no matter what" mentality, which is not good...because it means a lot of words instead of the right words.
    The best path for most small publishers is just to write the best possible content you can write rather than trying to make your SEO work...because that comes and goes and basic common sense says that we can't all (nor can everyone trying) be at the top of the ranking.
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    Quit looking to outrank, do conservative seo and u will be fine, and go advertise your site wherever your audience are, they will e loyal if you really give them valued content. Remember there is abundance of content
    but you are doomed if no one gets a chance to read what u have to say..
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