What steps should be taken if your ad gets disapproved?

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Hello guys,

I am facing problem that my Social Media Marketing ad is getting disapproved. I have checked all the available ways to find it but, I am not able to find a solution.

Can anyone know why happens....?

Thanks and Regards.
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  • Use premium paid method.
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    What does the ad say?
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    Can we know more about which particular social media network you used for your campaign?
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    Isn't the advertising platform telling you why it's rejected? If not, ask them.

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    According to me, there is 7 mistake which is done by us when the ads got disapproved.
    They are:
    ad mentions themes deemed inappropriate by Google
    ad makes mention of copyrighted content
    You included your company's business phone number in the ad text.
    ad claims your company is #1 or the "best in business."
    ad text is too long.
    ad contains words that are in all caps.
    ad contains "trick-to-click" text.
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