Great Profit Funnel Ideas For Maximum Profit. - Part 1

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Understanding the concept of Profit funnel will help you increase your sales massively. In general people will never buy your high ticket product valued at $197 if they don't know you, they prefer to buy it from the well known companies they trust. That is why we are mostly fail at the start of our internet marketing business.

Beginners focus on earning big money in less time. You should focus on building trust with your subscribers by helping them through your email newsletter to solve the technician issues they may have and offering valuable low ticket products eg. "$7 value".

Be sure that Profit Funnel is a perfect way to build a strong relationship with your customers that begins with the purchase of initial goods or services. Once that initial relationship is established, you build trust with your clients by evaluating their needs and the most profitable products or services for them.

Better understanding your customers need and their interests will help you offer a high price product related to the same niche topic, your profit margin will increase. The Profit funnel model works very well whether you are working with a brick and mortar business or going strictly with an online presence.

Profit Funnel Recommended Plan:

1. Low ticket items from $5 to $27.
2. Mid ticket item From $37 to $67.
3. High ticket item From $97 to $197.
4. Extremely High ticket item from $297 to $997.

End and not last:
I remind my self and all of you:
"Try to help enough other people to achieve the same success you desire, it could be by a small piece of information you may have. Be sure you will achieve success."
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