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How can I bring organic traffic from google search
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    Plenty of ways.

    Two good ones?

    Rank high-value long-tail keywords by ranking blog posts that piggyback explosive popularity.

    Rank more competitive and higher-value keywords by publishing videos and piggybacking the ranking juice of YouTube.

    - Tom

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    Write high-quality unique articles that are at least 2000 words long. SEO optimize the articles with Yoast SEO plugin.
    Do this and you'll be alright if you'll choose the right keywords.
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    You create good content that feeds the search engine, you get ranked and then MAGIC happens.
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  • The key is original and unique content with right keywords. Comparatively, video is more easier to rank than article.
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    Create very good quality content and select long tail keyword for your site. The long tail keyword will help your audience to find out you and Good quality content will attract your audience.
    Focus on your content and make it stronger.

    All the best
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    1. Research well on and try to write Viral Content.
    2. Pay great attention to and incorporate Long-Tail Keywords in your content.
    3. Research your audience's burning and trending questions and try to answer them via your content.
    4. Try to capitalize more and more on your niche topics and curate your content around them.
    5. Bonus Tip: Try to focus on and target international markets.
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    hi Nidhi, just write good content after researching about your topic if you find many posts/content online then just add your spin on it and make sure to see the search volume for that topic and share as much as you can google will always find and push your content if it is viewed by more people.
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    Be aware, it's not just about writing and creating great relevant content as some have suggested.

    Active distribution and marketing of your content to get it in front of your specific targeted prospects is a must. There is great content sitting unread or unwatched on many web sites. This game is all about promotion and marketing.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Well write on a consistent basis ,your content must be unique .Also you need to build some backlinks to your website also share your posts on social media
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    Write high-quality unique content. but not only the content brings organic traffic, but you also need to do some good backlinks to your website.
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    Originally Posted by NiDhi Trivedi View Post

    How can I bring organic traffic from google search
    This might be the broadest question ever asked in the WF. To get organic traffic, you need an SEO strategy that will land you high in the search results. Study SEO in this forum and build a strategy to get you where you want to go.

    It takes time and effort.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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    Write high quality content and add in some search engine optimization with low competition keywords.
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    I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this (i didn't have time to look through the entire thread) Traffic isn't the problem.

    It never is.

    The problem, more likely, is the offer or the audience.

    Figure that out first and the worry about getting organic traffic to your website.

    What happens after you drive traffic to a page? How do you convert them to customers? Take our free email course to find out how to attract and convert more customers.

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    Hello Nidhi Trivedi

    Hope you are doing well

    Today it's not about get the traffic - it's about get the targeted
    and relevant traffic.
    Firstly, You need to check and analyse your website according to the SEO Stuff. and after Analyzing the website. You need to optimize the missing or not relevant thing of your website like Meta Tags, Heading Tags, Alt Tags, Website Structured, Speed Issues, Internal and Outbound Links, Analytics & Webmaster Code, Schema & Rich Snippet, Content Optimization etc. After the Optimization of complete website according to the target user and target areas. You need to start the linkbuilding on High Page Authority and Domain Authority Sites for your website. and you also need to use the relevant sites for backlinking. Please follow the above methods very carefully and also check the analytics traffic simultaneously. If you got traffic from this method. Please let me know, I will send you the complete checklist and action plan for your website.

    I hope the above information will help you to bring the traffic for your website.

    Shivanya Sharma
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    Also, focus on one theme, create just one website and keep working based on your expertise.

    And, care for your audience/visitors.

    Implement honesty in your work too.

    Coming soon!

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