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I want to Promote dating pps offer. did anyone help me how or where i can promote those offer.

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    Depends on what kind of marketing/advertising budget u have. I know of various websites which require you to put in minimum $500 and then u can promote many offers.

    Most of these are networks which run pop-up ads on different websites.
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    I want to Promote dating pps offer. did anyone help me how or where i can promote those offer.

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    There are dozens of ways to promote these offers. You can blog, use PPC, use email marketing, build a list, use banner ads and more. It's best to put together a plan of attack and work through it to see what works for you and what doesn't. Then, come back to the forum with more information so that we can actually help you.

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    You can advertise on Plenty Of Fish and Tinder those are the most used dating websites and applications.
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    Hey shaon09s,

    Originally Posted by shaon09s View Post

    I want to Promote dating pps offer. did anyone help me how or where i can promote those offer.

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    I have to be fairly tight-lipped on the subject, due to my clients, but I can point you in the right direction.

    First of all, I assume you're pushing free-join apps. If not, you should be. You push the free-joins on your cold/ cool traffic, PPS and Rev-Share on your warm/ hot traffic.

    Now, as far as where you go for the traffic? Don't think of dating traffic in terms of millions of people. Think of it in terms of your ideal lead.

    That lead? It depends on your niche and your brand. Are you going niche? General? Targeting the 18 to 24s? 18 to 30s? The older crowd?

    Your first mission: know your audience.

    Tip: promote to guys (much easier).

    So what you do first is put together a series of notes that describe your ideal lead. Gender, age, location, etc.

    We'll call him Joe Single.

    Then, with that in mind, paid promotion becomes much easier, more efficient, but you're also able to more effectively target him through organic means/ content marketing.

    In terms of the latter? We're talking free traffic.

    Or . . . Free Joe Single leads.

    Now ask yourself, if Joe Single is online, and if he's looking for a date, where might he go to find one, or where might he go just because he IS single?

    Will he go to . . .


    Facebook Groups?




    - Tom

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    I have been promoting dating CPA offers since they existed.

    I have always promoted PPL offers over PPS. I would seriously consider testing PPL offers!

    I favor name brand / well-known sites (name recognition / credibility) that are advertised on TV, as I have seen much high click to conversion rates with them! They also tend to have higher payouts.


    To generate traffic, I have solely acquired / used 3rd party email data. Which are basically leads of users that signed up or requested info about an offer and have given permission to receive messages from third parties.

    I have mailed both data of users that signed up to a dating offer and on the backend of non targeted data. Both have worked well.
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    Been doing this for years. Knowing your audience is key.
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    Well you can put your ad on dating sites like or any other, it's not usually seen like spam and you may not even need to pay for it.
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    What about free traffic ? How you promote them
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    I have a working Tinder program that will handle multiple threads. Auto responses , sends phone numbers, links.

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