Do you use any private messenger?

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I really disappointed in such messengers as Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram and Skype.
They don't provide any privacy. I can't take this anymore.
I started to use Signal messenger. For sure, not every of people around me is willing to use it, but I feel safe and sure no one is able to read my messages.
It's end-to end-encryption and you can choose different disappearing message intervals for each conversation.
Do you use this messenger? Or any other secured one?
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    I've used Skype nearly every day for at least five years.

    I really couldn't care less if someone is wasting their time reading the messages I send through Skype.
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      I don't use it as it works slowly and often use 80 port that impact my PC performance.

      it's not just a principle.
      i really worry about privacy.
      because nowadays there is really lack of that.
      do you have something to recommend me?

      which ones you personally use?
      how do they spam? do they all have your contacts?

      IS this Line provides any privacy?
      How can you know that all your messages won't trap in the third party sources?

      but safety is not about use of other hands.
      messengers are used to connect internet, where there are many hackers.

      but it's email provider.
      what about messenger?

      thanks a lot.
      somebody already advised me this one.
      do you personally use it?

      I don't like Fb messenger as well.
      It's the worst communication app ever.

      probably you are right.
      so you personally use it and have no privacy worries?
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    Messenger works really well for me Rob. I just release folks who spam me and proceed. No worries buddy. Let go and move forward.
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    What are you communicating that's demands such privacy, or is it that you don't have any real concerns in your life to worry about?

    Oh, I get it. It's' just the principle, right?

    "He not busy being born, is busy dying." - Bob Dylan • "I vibe with the light-dark point. Heavy." - Words that Bob Dylan wishes he had written.

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    I use Line which is popular in SE Asia. Messenger bugs the hell out of me because they are constantly pushing new features that I accidentally keep pressing and I find adding people on WhatsApp convoluted.
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    Which is not safe?
    I think everything is safe if you can use that safely. Let not your device use by others.
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    Gmail has all you need
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    In my opinion Signal is the best messenger which you are looking for. This is the most private messenger.
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    I use Viber, Signal, Whats up ... but delete Facebook Msg. totally spied app.
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    whats app and Signal are decent both with end to end encryption
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    Threema looks good, but not free.
    Don't write bad about telegram, secret chats is awesom
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      how can you be sure of those two?
      I never heard of them and I don't trust so less popular services.
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    I can't agree with this, Telegram is an excellent choice if you need privacy; even on Viber the messages are encrypted.
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      There are many facts that Telegram is not so secured is it mentioned to be.
      There are no secret chats option in desktop version.
      And calls unsecured.

      It is not as secured as it seemed to be.
      There are many different reports about its unsecured holes.

      I have tried this one and it's reminds me Instagram as it's mostly provides social media features rather than messenger.

      It's not about physical interaction with your device, it's about web security.
      Nothing is safe now especially in the internet.

      gmail is not a messenger and moreover it is not user friendly for daily and instant communication.
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    WhatsApp now has end-to-end encryption, probably in response to competition.

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    I myself primarily use Skype chat and the occasional video call for personal stuff (as it is free and lots of people use it)

    I have also used Fuze Meeting and Zoom and recommend those for more business minded folks, as there are more paid features.
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    You can use Kik. When it comes to privacy it has a top-notch end to end encryption. The only way people can contact you is if you provide them with your user name. It doesn't sync with your contacts so might find it annoying to manually add contacts before you can message them, but with this, you can be sure that everything is kept in private.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    you may use Hangouts by Google.
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