Best YouTube SEO (Video SEO) Course?

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Hey Guys,

I'm just getting started with Video SEO. I want to learn how to rank my videos in BOTH Google and YouTube. I do product review videos for Launch Jacking so I need to learn how to rank videos FAST.

Please recommend me a good YouTube SEO Course.

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    first of all create tags YouTube video.
    Install TubeBuddy browser plugin.
    Type your main keywords into YouTube search.
    Click on top ranked videos.
    Click "tags" by TubeBuddy to view competitor tags.
    Copy and paste these into your video's tags.
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    There are quite a few helpful guides on how to rank videos fast on youtube. Do a google search for YouTube SEO and you'll find a few gems.

    Brian Dean from Backlinko has a very in-depth post as well.

    But here's a summary of what you need to do:
    • Keyword Research
    • Video Optimization
    • Channel Optimization
    • Uploading & Optimization
    • Off-page Optimization
    Once you cover each of the above points, its basically just a plug and play system to get all your videos ranked.

    One thing I've noticed though is that focusing on building a 'BRANDED' channel will help get all your videos ranked.

    Hope that helps.
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    If you're doing "launch jacking" in're wrong. That ship has long sailed. It was never a business model, just a tactic that is since outdated like many tactics before it.

    Even if you ranked your videos in the SERP and got traffic, your conversions would be astronomically low. You'd need to provide the MOAB in order to get people to buy through your link.

    Anyway, the best course for YouTube, including "YouTube SEO" is found at....


    ...who would've thought!?
    I'd rather tell you an ugly truth than a pretty lie.
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