Evergreen Funnel: What to do after the offer expires?

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I have been implementing evergreen launches on all of my products, and I love them

I have been using evergreen converting-webinars and Deadline Funnel to create a custom launch and scarcity for each user.

My question is: what exactly to do after the offers expires and the user doesn't buy?

Sure, I should keep sending him valuable content. But when (and how) to open the cart for him again?

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    A simple tactic is just to find reasons to "open" it back up if you don't have other offers to promote.

    So the sequence would look like this:

    Full Deadline Funnel Sequence -> Updates on the Progress of Students (Focus on Testimonials, proof elements etc) -> Oh No, Someone had to Drop out because of X reasons (or something happened on your side so that more spots opened) -> shorter Deadline Funnel sequence

    You can technically repeat this over and over again, but it loses its effectiveness. At that point, you'd want to switch up products. Even the best products aren't for everyone.
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    • Hey mate, thanks for your answer!

      You're right, having more than one product is important, specially to offer in this situation after the first offer expired.

      I liked your idea on updating the prospect on the customers experience.

      About losing effectiveness, at the beginning I thought the same, but by following many different serial product launches (of the same product), I've noticed that some people on the list can take even years to buy the product that you offered in first place (it already happened to me, also), so I guess you should never really stop offering the product?
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