Why Should I Hire You or Buy Your Stuff?

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One of my clients said to me:

"I could have hired Tony Robbins to coach me. But I hired you."

She is a well-heeled individual living in a quite fabulous spot in the US.

Got me thinking; so many bloggers doubt their abilities to coach, lead or to sell their stuff to people, because they believe people have little to no reason to hire them, especially when celebrities all the way down to internet famous folks work their same niche.

The lady who hired me noted 3 reasons why she hired me to coach her.

I call it the ECC technique.




1: Energy

I emit a fun-loving, generous vibe, open and accepting mostly.

Many bloggers emit a fear-filled, stingy, closed and sometimes combative vibe, mostly.

She noted out of the thousands of folks she could have hired, she vibed with my videos and posts and giving, fun-loving, spirit.

Guys; stand out by being incredibly passionate about your business. Do not obsess over outcomes. Obsess over vibing high, being generous, caring and compassionate.

Give people a reason to hire you.

2: Creations

My client noted the number of helpful blog posts and videos I published as a factor in hiring me: my creations.

Create oodles of helpful content across multiple platforms. Be of service. Share valuable insights.

Folks will gravitate toward you, buying your stuff, over people who plaster their squeeze page all over the place, or who publish posts as frequently as when Haley's Comet blows through.

3: Connections

I am a connected blogger because I patiently served top bloggers in my niche for years.

My clients observe my blog posts and guest posts appearing all over my niche. Of course; my blogging buddies promote me around the clock and invite me to guest post on their blogs.

Connections vet you; lone wolves cannot be trusted online. Connections are walking brand advocates, or breathing endorsements, inspiring folks to hire you or to buy your stuff.

Connect with people in your niche. Promote 'em. Dissolve the fear of competition. Grow your tribe. Help more folks while you boost your profits, as your friend network spreads your word and prospers you around the clock.

Wrap Up

Guys; people will pick you over a billionaire guru or anybody if you get these 3 steps down. You'll grow your business and enjoy the ride.

Not an overnight deal though. Be patient. Following these simple steps feels uncomfortable at times, especially before your business grows.

Feel the fear, ride it out and carry on.

Give people a reason to hire you.
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    Great insight! Stay true to who you are and you attract your ideal client!
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    That's a great story, and I am a fan of Tony Robbins.

    Good job! And yes, I agree with you. YOU can bring that special somethings that wins over any celebrity status.
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    That's interesting and neat (around the Tony Robbins).

    I think this could even extend to say "Why should I work with you", etc...

    Good points!
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    For me, my customers (products and coaching) tend to highlight amount and quality of content, but also the endorsements and examples of results that I use in my funnels as the primary reason they make the leap with us.

    Knowing this on an ongoing basis is so important, we make this part of our follow-up with all customers (whether they purchased a $27 ebook or a much higher-end coaching program...suspect few people build this follow-up into their post-sales campaigns...very powerful for knowing what is connecting best with your market and also reinforces your openness as well as willingness to listen to your client right after they have invested in you.
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    Yet another of your numerous pearls of wisdom, Ryan.
    Thank you for sharing and caring.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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    You are missing a C and its about to get real.


    Pricing as a consideration is a real thing when choosing not to hire Tony Robbins.

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    Results. Trumps most things.


    Rapport is very important.

    If a person is into Network Marketing you need to switch to that mode. How they comfortably learn for example email, skype, video and how they comfortably market to others all factors

    As Bruce Lee said..Be Water My Friend.

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    Originally Posted by ryanbiddulph View Post

    One of my clients said to me:

    "I could have hired Tony Robbins to coach me. But I hired you."

    The lady who hired me noted 3 reasons why she hired me to coach her.

    I call it the ECC technique.

    If you blow any more smoke up your own rear, you'll inflate skwards beyond the heights of Richard Branson too..
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