Generating Opt In Leads For Financial Services.

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I am a business owner in the Financial Services Industry, I focus strictly on Debt Settlement. Unfortunately my industry has become highly regulated due to a significant amount of shady people doing wrong by consumers.

Trusting most lead vendors/generators has become a huge problem because they don't do things properly and they are never consistent. Return on mail marketing is down, and ROI is low.

I cannot dial out on credit bureau data because I would be violating the TCPA. People have to Opt In in order for me to legally call them without facing large fines or potential class actions lawsuits.

I need to drive traffic to landing pages and find people in need of honest help and the services I offer. Any ideas or anyone that is able to help?

Would love to collaborate.
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    Check out, They have their way for generating leads

    but before you go with them, see other people reviews on this website.
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    The better way for you is to have lead magnet and have them opt in and email them about your offer.

    E.g. #1 Easy Way To Fix Your Debt

    This lead magnet tells, " your reader has debt issue and needs fixing." The lead magnet must be helpful and it should be something they can act on their own. Your offer should act as a complement. You can say click to book a free complimentary call in this link here...

    If they are opening your emails that means the problem hasn't disappear but they aren't convinced you can help them. Think all the objections that the customer might have about your offer and come with a creative ways to readress those objections.

    Also in the follow up email after your first sell attempt and no conversion, don't let that list go stake, keep sending helpful tidbits. So that call might come in a day or two but six months down the road. You segment your list after they convert so you don't mix up your marketing messages.
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