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I am looking for a FREE affiliate link tracker to track where the clicks on my affiliates links are coming from (referring website/source), specifically for Commission Junction links. I've looked everywhere but all options I've found require payment or free trial with links that expire, which are no good. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Sorry, but the cheapest decent one I know of will run you a whole $47/month (more if you have a ton of affiliates). That one is OmniStar (a.k.a. OSI Affiliate Software).

    Honestly, if you can't afford to pay about $1.50 per day to track your affiliates, I have to seriously question your business model.
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    Many have free trials, but you'll have to pay eventually. Clickmagic - an affiliate favorite - has a 2 week free trial. I have also used Clickmeter that used to have a free version for 800 hits per month. I don't know what their pricing model is currently.

    One popular limited, free linker is Clixtrac. Do a search for what your looking for you'll find several others I'm sure.
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    Do you self host your website? if so you can buy one time cost tracking software like ad trackz gold (I have never used it and I have no idea if its any good I just found it from a quick google search). I personally only use google analytics but I don't think its what your looking for tho. You can search google for some more self hosted tracking software.
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    Technically if you have a little time to set it all up, Google Analytics and redirect links should be able to cover your needs.

    Sure it'll be a little more time consuming to pull the data out of, but it should work.
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      The links are not posted on my website so I don't see how Google Analytics would help
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      I'm not looking for a url/link shortener. I just need tracking to view referring site on affiliate link clicks.
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    Do you have your own hosting? or are you looking for a hosted solution?
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    In Shopify, there is an app for that Shopify affiliate tracking app RR LinX you can identify your organic and paid traffic using this with 99% accuracy and can get in-depth reporting.
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    You've properly looked everywhere but want find a decent free tracker. A good one but has a fair monthly price with a free trial is Check them out. You might find it useful!
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    I get you're looking for free, but besides Google analytics the best bet is to dump the money on almost all of the free ones I know of or used to use have now reduced their free tier and started charging as well. It's a jungle out there.

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    I think you can add the UTM code tailor to each link you're building. Example with this WF, you can add https://yourlink?utm_source=wf&utm_m..._campaign=sale
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    If you want to pay crap you will receive crap

    good luck


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    You could create a simple redirect script that writes whatever info you want to collect a file.

    It would be raw data and you would have to decipher it in whatever way you want on your own.

    But it would give you simple barebone stats and would be free.
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