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Hello everybody,
german fella here so sorry for bad english in advance
to try a new area in the topic of Affiliate Marketing (no idea to fast money or similar, I just wanted to try it myself) I have created a Facebook page for gift ideas (should be a simple Topic at the beginning) on ​​which I post articles with one Amazon article each. The texts are relatively catchy but not click bait, the link leads to a blog-like, mostly for mobile optimized page which serves mainly to link directly to Amazon (advertise Direct-Amz-Links in FB isnt allowed). No prices and product information are on the page to drive traffic directly thrue to Amazon. Site can be found under
The products are partly based on interactions to increase reach, partly on conversions .. So I do not expect that all products fully convert.

the numbers:
FB Post average Range ~ 2000 Impressions
FB Post average link clicks ~ 30 clicks
average page to amazon link clicks ~ 25 clicks
Amazon purchases last week (with ~ 200 clicks) = 0

The ratio of impressions to clicks on fb is ok i think. Also the conversion from my page to Amazon with over 80% is good. Unfortunately, I can not quite explain why it just remains 0 purchases. Sure, 1-2 articles are intended only as fun, 1 of the articles is without additional information relatively useless but especially with the bracelet I had hoped for conversions. All items are in a (for Amazon ratios) pleasant price level and actually no-brainers.

Did I really misjudge that or would someone explain to me where I have a mistake in thinking?
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    Definitely not enough details here to give much of an explanation. We don't know what the product costs, whether it can be purchased for less money at a site other than Amazon (believe it or not, Amazon is frequently not even close to the least expensive place to buy many products) and we don't know if it is truly an impulse buy product (I have to have that now!).

    Also keep in mind that by not telling people what it costs before they leave your site, it's not too surprising that a whole bunch of people are just clicking to see what it costs.

    Finally, I'm not sure if 200 clicks to Amazon is enough data to determine anything. Most eCommerce products convert at somewhere between .3% and 2%, so 200 clicks to Amazon might not be enough to go on. If you are at the average (1%), it means that you might have expected two sales by now (ignoring the fact that nobody knew what the price was for the thing they were clicking on which HAS TO drive down conversions from the get-go). Sometimes, 1% means not getting any sales for the first 300 clicks and then getting 6 sales during the next 300.
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