Network Marketers / MLMers: What Would Excite You More?

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I am working on developing a series of products and training systems to help build my downline, as well as tools that I can use to train my downline to become super stars.

I work for a marketing agency, so I have a ton of ideas/plans/tools on how to build an MLM business, but the problem is that I come from a very technical and savvy background, so I know what I would like to build my MLM business, but I do not know what the average Network Marketer would like to add to their toolkit.

I was hoping to get an idea from any Network Marketers as to what type of product would be more exciting for you. I plan on creating a lead magnet that goes pretty in depth into a specific strategy.

What would you rather have:

1. A lead generating website/funnel that not only generates leads, but also generates a revenue along the way.

2. An eBook with a system that teaches you how to grow your business beyond your warm market (ie friends and family), and aims to have people come to you asking about your opportunity.

Thank you in advance for your help!
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    I would dig the eBook Chris.
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  • For internet marketer, generate leads and consistent growth income are of utmost important. eBook with a system is alright but nowadays people watch video more.
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    I would go "by the book" and offer them a book.

    Also heed in mind that people judge a book by the cover so make it stand out.

    As a brother in arms (I am a big proponent of duplication) I suggest that you use books/reports
    as selling machines for the reason why, they are spread a lot among circles thus giving you the
    edge to recruit automatically and passively while putting their minds at ease with the magic of the written word.

    With the right strategy, you can emerge as an overnight success. It is possible.
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    I once developed a marketing system for team building in MLM and affiliate programs, use a heavily modified version for my current affiliate program for our hosting company.

    The team build website I rolled out for a MLM did quite well, over 5K signups to program.

    However, I think it will also depend on the program you are promoting, different mindsets based on program, work ethic, etc.

    Why not use a combination of the two, a book and a system that the book promotes?
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