Best practices when affiliate conversion tracking isn't available

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I'm an affiliate for a company that is using the WPAffiliate plugin for their affiliate program.

With this plugin, as an affiliate, I do not have the capacity to use a pixel or postback data for conversion tracking.

Within my affiliate portal I do have access to # of visits, visit source, and whether that visit converted. Though I can see the number of visits and conversions, I cannot see who visited and who converted.

My plan is to run an FB leads ad, to build my list, and to then sell to them via an email sales sequence.

Within my email service, I can track opens/clicks and see the conversion rates for those clicks inside my affiliate portal.

As far as I can tell running traditional facebook ads is useless given my inability to track conversions with pixel or postback data.

I do have the ability to create an infinite number of affiliate referral links. The best solution I can imagine is to generate a unique referral link for each set... a set being an FB leads ad and an email campaign.

So If I want to test several FB lead ads, each of those would have an associated and unique referral link and an associated and unique, albeit duplicated, email campaign.

In this way I can track that FB lead ad #1/campaign #1 had [# of clicks] via FB data, [# of email opens/clicks] via email campaign data and [# of conversions] via affiliate portal.

In terms of variability and testing, this seems like a nightmare approach... for example if I want to test the copy in my email sequence.

In this moment I cannot imagine another, more elegant approach. Open to thoughts, reflections, and feedback.

Thanks so much,
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    Hi Ken

    To address your question in the other threads: threads are moderated, so require approval before they go live.

    It's necessary that this measure is in place since we recieve a wealth of ongoing spam.

    With this in mind, please post only a single thread next time around and await approval.

    It's understandable that sometimes users aren't aware of this and assume it to be a glitch.

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      Got it, thanks Daniel. When posting it said normally takes 60 seconds... might be good to change that.
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    Thanks. I can understand that that's misleading since it can take longer.

    I'll bring attention to it.
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