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Hello friends,

I have really interesting case that I want to share and to request a help for it.

So, the website I am dealing with is for applying a job applications. It has perfectly setup custom HTML tags and triggers. In debugger mode they fired on for each step of the process. The data is transferred to Google Analytics - I have data for each step of the process, also in real time.

The most interesting thing comes here in Google Analytics. From 46 test applications I have 44 with the all data which is needed and 2 applications with (not set) -_- Image if I have 460,000 applications. How many (not set) I will have? This is not cool.

So I start trying different kind of tests in GA. I watched real-time data -> content / events, how the process goes. My goal is to find out how these 2 (not set) have been generated.

By default, sessions expire after 30 minutes of inactivity, which is measured from the last hit that GA receives. After many tests, no results (not set) does not appear.

I've tested different browsers with and without incognito mode, different accounts, I reduce the steps for applying (from 3 to 2), (from 2 to 1), the data is still shown and collected even after 30 minutes of inactivity.

I am running out of ideas, if anybody can help me to find a way to generate (not set) or to find out how these 2 (not set) results have been generated, please leave a comment.

Thanks in advance.
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