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Hey Guys,

So I'm launching a comedy /cultures brand that will feature a mix of 50% of things you see on the internet (what's trending) for search/ daily content purposes and then 50% original content: podcast(s), toons (strip/video), Youtube talking head show, ebooks/guides and interviews to tap into other people's followings. Basically it's a small, small scale vice meets adult swim comedy/content cultures brand with 50/50 trending content and originals.

The way I will monetize it is a mix of merch, sell the ebooks, content, ads, etc. Print OD there's a lot to work with around a created "universe" culture that people want to be a part of. Luckily I have social media est already and about 2,000 followers through accounts in the male 18-34 demo I cloud plug in from the start.

Now what I'm hung up on is the name and I think I'm over thinking it but I need your guys take. So I own and and it's between these two. My hang up is that I know the comedy niche now can't survive without a second sub niche to bring people in be it music, attractive girls, etc. to be hugely successful. I also think people if they're not looking for comedy per say , but buzzfeed, will not seek out a comedy website -or what they think is one. There's a high tier audience that would seek out a website like the theoutline vs a listicle trashy site despite how successful that trend is. Like if you visit it used to be more like comedy central and now it's more listicle content mixed in with comedy to get people there. I wonder if the comedy name would handicap the content?

On the business side, I also don't want to box myself in if there's a channel that could be had because of a name like the music industry or avenues surrounding this culture. So if I do Adaptnews as a male demo 18-34y/o small scale vice/adult swim lifestyle brand I think it's open enough for business and to adjust the model/content as needed. Let the content define it, and maybe tap into News keywords etc? If something really takes off I could adjust to supporting it without being boxed in. The name adapt could play off of the 50% content aggregation and then the small original content we're trying to get out there.

I thought about every angle and need your guys objective perspective as my brain is racked. I just want to choose the right icing for the cake so to speak.
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    I'd personally say makes the most sense in this situation. You can have comedy within it, as just a small segment just for those who are interested in that. Because really, comedy can be added as relevant content to nearly any website. The IRS website could use some, for instance.

    But also, AdaptNews can also morph later on if you feel like changing the content up to suit a new audience or focus on a different topic.

    Also last but not least, I really enjoy the domain name. Good find.
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    I don't think either of these domain names are ideal for what you're trying to do. Of the two, I'd probably lean toward, though. What are the social media accounts branded as?

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  • Go to for different ideas.

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    Yes, you are overthinking this.

    Have you done your market research? If so, you will know where there is buying demand for your niche. You want the name to be brandable but it should include at least one word describing the niche you are in (preferably at the front of the name). If you try to incorporate two separate niches it will be confusing to your prospects. Choose the main focus of your site (the one thing that shows the strongest demand), even if you plan to add something else (another compatible niche) in the future.

    Go where the demand leads you . . . it's pretty simple really.

    So if the demand is for "comedy" (it may not be depending upon what you find in your research), then go with a simple brandable name like:

    [All were available when I checked.]

    Good luck to you,


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    Hmm, I personally know of zero comedy blogs that have "comedy" in the name of the blog. I could be wrong but I believe many will be searching for other terms such as funny or entertainment.

    In the end, the domain name itself doesn't matter as much, if you have the rest narrowed down. Exactly from above, find out what your audience is searching and looking for right now. Fulfill that, and put extra care towards keyword research and placement.
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    • Yea thanks for all the responses. I'm going to do keyword research and plug that in with the content. That's what i found too is that most comedy named websites are authority websites reporting on the comedy industry, whereas culture and entertainment websites are named vice, break, the chive etc. This is going to be like theoutline but not cover politics and feature video/multimedia vs just text like a magazine.

      I also own and may do that over adaptnews and then use adapt for another project. It's the content and the keyword research for sure. Thanks for being a sounding board guys.
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